From Teaspoons to Main Engines: But what is actually in between?

We all know Global Services are one of largest Superyacht supply companies in the world. What we are certain you didn’t know is what they can actually supply. Here are 6 really cool things that you can order direct from them.

Manta5 Hydrofoiler XE-1

Is this the coolest thing you have ever seen?

The impossible, made possible, with the Hydrofoiler™ XE-1 by Manta5, the world’s first water-bike that replicates the cycling experience on water. Yes, you read that correctly. Cycling on water. Using the same technology as America’s Cup sailboats, the Hydrofoiler XE-1 expands cycling possibilities on a whole new water frontier.

Global services are an official distributor for this super cool piece of kit. Want to see this and more? Global have a vast Toy store full of amazing toys like this in their superyacht supply inventory. Check it out here.

Mobile Phone Contracts for Crew

Whilst you are flicking through your phone looking at the Global Services APP you may need to make a call! Lots of crew rely on data these days for their calls but, you still have to buy data somewhere. Whether it is for you, or a complete package for all the yacht phones, Global can supply these too. They don’t just supply the latest and greatest phones but the contracts too. Add to this the fact that they manage your contracts and make sure there are no horror stories and it’s another win. Oh, and it’s very competitive too. Have a look here

Zip Taps

How annoying is it at morning tea break when the kettle takes too long to boil? You’ve had one sip of your drink before “back to work”. It literally ruins your life twice a day!

Global has you covered. Just get in touch and order a new Zip Tap. Instant boiling, chilled or even filtered water at the touch of a button. This is a very popular product right now and is also discounted via Global.

Order direct through the Global APP for this to arrive with your next delivery.

Now all you need to do is persuade your chief engineer to fit it for you!


Really? Yes you heard this right, Global can supply you with new and used tenders. Imagine this, you are on charter in the med and somehow your tender is damaged beyond repair. Your insurers will cover it but that doesn’t help you get a new boat does it?

This is where Global steps in. Due to their new relationship with Superyacht Tenders they are able to spec and order a new boat for you. They can also supply an interim tender to keep the boss happy until the new one arrives. There are no surcharges here and Global will match and sometimes beat the manufacturer’s price for the new boat. How’s that for service?

Global can supply anything from a 5m RiB to a 17m chase boat. And everything in between. Plus, if you have an old tender you need to get rid of this can be taken in part exchange too. Total no brainer as far as we are concerned.

Eco-Friendly cleaning products

Sustainability is a huge subject in yachting right now and rightly so. Global are taking this very seriously and therefore offer a large range of Eco Friendly cleaning products. Ecoworks Marine is one company growing quickly within the Superyacht industry and Global are happy to be able to do their bit for superyacht supply by offering such bio friendly products. These include;

  • wash down soaps
  • Surface cleaners
  • Fabric Cleaners
  • Sanitisers

Global also supply produces such as Bio D and Ecover so you can rest assured that all your cleaning requirements are covered and your eco conscience is clear.

Miele Appliances

We all know how busy the laundry can be on charter and also what a nightmare it is if a machine fails. Luckily Global has you covered here too. They offer a full range of appliances and spares with healthy discounts. So, next time you need new parts or machines get in touch to add them to your Global order.

So, if you didn’t realise you could buy all these things, imagine what else Global can supply you with. Their team supports a huge number of Superyachts worldwide and prides themselves on saving you time, money and stress with every order.

Get in touch to experience Superyacht Supply at its best.

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