Famed for its design innovation, cosmopolitan attitude and vibrant atmosphere, the Maison & Objet interior décor show, held in Paris each January, is a must-attend for many in the superyacht interior supply chain.

Fresh from the hustle and bustle of this year’s event, which boasted attendance figures of almost 90,000, we caught up with the team from superyacht interior design firm, Design Unlimited, for their thoughts on this year’s interior trends.

Everyone’s going natural

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Nicola Brook and Sophie Porteous, responsible for Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment specification at Design Unlimited, tell me that the key influences for this year come from nature, with a decisive move towards natural materials, fibres and renewable resources.

“With the environment, waste and sustainability the social hot topics, designers and artists have turned to natural materials to create their interior furnishings and inspire their pieces.  We’re also seeing more stripped-back processes and fewer glossy, varnished finishes,” commented Porteous.

The team advise that you do your research, however, make sure that wood and teak items come from an ethically sound and sustainable source, and when choosing decorative pieces in materials such as marble, which is a limited resource, consider the artificial stone products (usually made from recycled glass) as an alternative.

“There’s also a resurgence of the ‘slow’ movement – recognition given to where something comes from, a material’s integrity and provenance. Notably, processes that feature a natural evolution and designs that offer longevity,” said Brook.

In terms of what’s hot and what’s not this year, plastic is definitely on the out. An immediate update to your interior should be items that help decrease the need for single-use plastic on board, such as alternatives to plastic water bottles. That alone is a justifiable excuse to invest in some beautiful glassware and serving carafes.

If you’re looking to refresh your interior for the coming season, Brook recommends some quick yet effective options, “In cabins, the bed linen is a really dominant surface area. Switching between patterns and more minimal looks can dramatically alter the feel of the space; just keep your choices in line with the overall colour scheme. In the saloon and on deck, change out scatter cushions and throws, again switching between patterns and minimal styles, or change fabrics and textures.”

Another great way to keep your interior looking up-to-date is to add elements inspired by a current fashion or design trend. Pantone’s ‘Colour of the Year’ is ultraviolet and incorporating a colourful element like this on board, perhaps with a statement furniture piece in this bold colour, can be really fun. If a purple piano sounds a little much, you might prefer to add smaller pops of colour with something like table linens or artwork and decorative objects.

Now turn the page to find out what the team’s favourite finds were from this year’s show…

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