Acquera Yachting have officially launched the iOS version of the AcqueraPro app, following the launch of the Desktop version earlier this year. The app is set to make cruising operations much more streamlined, as well as providing users with information on some of the best spots to visit in the area they are cruising. The groundbreaking app is intended to be a solution to traditional methods, and accumulates all of the required information into one user-friendly platform.

Discover the Acquera Pro app below:

An Invaluable Asset For Cruising

With services offered in 11 countries around the Med, the platform is an invaluable asset to have on hand on the bridge during busy seasons. On the app, crew can find all the information, tariffs, regulations, and port rules in seconds. All of the required documents are present in one convenient place and Captains are informed of all of the necessary formalities prior to entering each port. Impressively, the app provides data and figures based on the boat’s size and all information is specific to each boat.

The iOS version of the AcqueraPro app includes two comprehensive platforms

User Feedback Of AcqueraPro

After allowing several Yacht captains to test the app last summer, the team at AcqueraPro conducted a survey that found that 90% of users found that booking berths was much easier when using the app. The survey also found that 83% of users found the app’s Leisure platform was an excellent way to book guest experiences and plan itineraries. See the user feedback below:

AcqueraPro survey feedback
Feedback from test users of the AcqueraPro app

In an increasingly digitised industry, AcqueraPro is the perfect anecdote to out-dated bureaucratic procedures onboard, without dismissing the need for the human element via agents on the ground.

Chief Strategy Officer at Acquera, Alvise Tositti is keen to highlight that AcqueraPro does not aim to eliminate the need for yacht agents. Tositti instead believes that the app simply makes it easier for yachts to plan excellent leisure itineraries for guests by providing all of the relevant information in one convenient place:

“This is not the tool to remove our organisation on the ground and replace them with technology, it is not possible in our industry, we need to have the staff on the ground, we have approximately 100 people to assist with clients on the ground this year, so we are growing in staff. We believe with this new type of technology we can improve the type of services we are delivering to the client, with this technology a client sitting in Fort Lauderdale waiting to come to the Med can start to plan their itinerary and see all information based on their location”.

To discover more about the app or book a demo, visit the AcqueraPro website.

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