Life After Yachting is the first month-long virtual event to help superyacht crew around the world find success when they are ready to make the move from onboard to onshore.

This first-of-its-kind 100% virtual experience combines a global online portal for crew to connect with land-based superyacht businesses and interested parties from other luxury industries. It’s a business incubator for entrepreneurial crew supported by the ‘Kraken’s Den’ of industry leaders, talks with internationally acclaimed schools to facilitate the recognition of superyacht qualifications and a virtual LIVE interactive one-day event.

Life After Yachting is headed up by Titta Uoti-Väisänen, founder of TUVYC. Titta has worked on board some of the world’s largest superyachts, for some of the most powerful and demanding owners. A passionate sailor herself, she has been based in Palma de Mallorca and the South of France for the past 15 years.

Created to support crew through what is often a difficult transition from a busy career at sea to finding stable and fulfilling land-based work, Life After Yachting gives superyacht professionals the chance to give back to the crew that have supported them over the years.

Titta Uoti-Väisänen, Founder of

Virtual Month-Long Event | 1 – 31 September 2020

During September, captains, crew and businesses can research and qualify each other via the virtual superyacht jobs fair.

The Life After Yachting portal is akin to a professional matchmaking tool that helps crew to find the best onshore connections. From crew looking for onshore work to companies looking to hire the best of the best globally, this platform presents skills and experiences obtained and required. By optimising connections, it enables both crew and companies to secure virtual meetings and online interviews.

Many captains and crew find it hard to transition to a fulfilling onshore role when they are ready to leave life at sea. The superyacht industry is a rewarding yet highly niche sector, which means crew can find it hard to meet new employers who understand the transferable skills set that crew possess.

Life After Yachting will bring together great employers such as shipyards and superyacht services, alongside businesses from alternative luxury sectors who actively want to employ yacht crew, and value the aptitude and experience they can bring to their company.

Life After Yachting is a virtual event

Kracken’s Den business incubator and LAY Support Network

The second element of Life After Yachting was launched to support entrepreneurial crew. Night watches and downtime at sea can give crew the time to think up fantastic business ideas but shaping those ideas into a successful long-term business is a complex task.

Life After Yachting connects crew with a team of experts who can help to develop those ideas and assist in creating and actioning the perfect business plan and pitch.

During the virtual live event, crew will have the opportunity to present their pitch to the ‘Kraken’s Den’ of business advisors, all of whom are proven and successful leaders in yachting. During the early stages of this business incubator it became clear that crew also welcome general advice and support, from lifestyle coaching to adapting their finances. The LAY support network was established for all crew looking for a Life After Yachting, with online supporters able and willing to give advice on numerous real-world situations.

Virtual LIVE one-day event | 18th September 2020

The third element is a one-day live virtual event, taking place on the 18th September. Partner companies will each broadcast a 30-minute segment explaining who they are, what they do, and who they are looking to work with. This allows crew to find out more about potential future employers, advisors and the LAY support network.

In the Kraken’s Den, entrepreneurial crew will showcase their business plans, ideas and pitches and present them to our leaders of yachting.

The Virtual LIVE Event will be broadcast securely via Zoom and be live on Superyacht Radio throughout the day.

With an MBA in business management, founder Titta Uoti-Väisänen has successfully grown TUVYC into an internationally successful business consultancy specialising in recruitment research and online video interviewing. This means she is perfectly placed to bring together the heads of the superyacht industry and leaders from other luxury sectors, along with her team of business experts to support yacht crew looking to move from sea to land.

Having transitioned from onboard to onshore herself, Titta experienced first-hand the disappointment when her hard-earned yachting qualifications meant very little in the world outside of yachting. This motivated her to launch Life After Yachting and also to facilitate talks between prestigious internationally recognised schools and universities and superyacht specific training providers, such as G.U.E.S.T.

Titta’s aim is to enable yacht qualifications to count towards degrees and other standard qualifications that are universally recognised, whether crew continue to work in the superyacht industry or find their perfect land-based role elsewhere.

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