Lost and Found Crew have announced the launch of an exclusive NFT club. The club, announced this May, is offering space for up to 2,022 yachties to join. The crew-focused club is a way for crew members to connect, all whilst relaxing and enjoying the club’s amenities.

lost and found crew
LAFC founders Louis Forsyth, Joshua Oliver, and Selena Garrahan. Photo: LAFC

An NFT (Non-fungible token) is a type of digital asset that depicts a physical object. NFTs are often encoded with the same underlying software as various cryptocurrencies and are bought and traded online. In recent years, they have rapidly gained popularity, becoming an favoured way to buy and sell digital artwork, amongst other things such as music and real estate – even tweets are being sold as NFTs.

Yacht crew wanting to join Lost and Found Crew are encouraged to purchase an NFT, which grants a lifetime membership to the club and all its perks. The LAFC villa, an under-wraps benefit of membership, is one of the most intriguing aspects of the club. Although details of the villa are blurry, LAFC founders Louis Forsyth, Joshua Oliver, and Selena Garrahan describe it as the “ultimate home away from home”. It will be a place for yachties to congregate, relax and unwind, whilst being provided with the best guest treatment.

Full benefits of membership include:

  • Entry to the LAFC
  • Access to members-only retreats, events and experiences
  • Exclusive access to the LAFC online community
  • Voting rights to influence future projects
  • Custom merchandise
  • Rights to stay at the LAFC villa

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