The Start Of A New Era For Superyacht Provisioning

The First EverExperiencing Excellence” Program For Yacht Chefs

This February, Maison Del Gusto launches their Experiencing Excellence” program, where a hand-selected group of Superyacht chef clientele will join MDG on an experiential trip to the heart of Norway. The first-ever Experiencing Excellence program will see the Monaco-based Superyacht provisioners continue their mission to redefine the way provisioning is perceived and to demonstrate the extent of the work that goes into each product behind the scenes – work that is constantly evolving. 

Maison Del Gusto's Experiencing Excellence Program 2023

By Bringing Together Producers & Clients, Chefs Will Experience Making Authentic Connections With Norway’s Extraordinary Culinary Traditions

This is a unique and exciting opportunity for Superyacht chefs to experience the gastronomic delights in Norway. Attendees will join the gourmet selectors on a three-day trip to the heart of the region and explore all the different aspects of this extraordinary area, meet the suppliers and chefs at local Michelin Star restaurants, and cook alongside Maison Del Gusto’s partners. Guests will actively contribute in producing dishes made with the highest quality ingredients from MDG suppliers, giving them a chance to build respect and to create a relationship with Norwegian producers.

Maison Del Gusto is as passionate about providing exquisite produce as they are about honouring the tradition and production of luxury food. From the world’s finest Caviar and Champagne to exceptional fish produce and exclusively selected meat, MDG are the exclusive suppliers of some of the worlds best gourmet products.

“Currently, we import from approx 200 niche producers internationally – we are incredibly proud of our selection which continues to improve thanks to [our clients]”.

– Maison Del Gusto’s Co-Founder, Elisabetta Lerardi. 

Redefining The Art Of Provisioning In Norway

The world-renowned gourmet selectors, Maison Del Gusto will host the first ever Experiencing Excellence event, in collaboration with the Norwegian Food Council to thank and unite both their Norwegian partners and their family of chefs, with the focus of inviting them to become a part of the culinary story, and understand the process and provisioning of high-quality ingredients.

 “Food is not just sustenance, it is an experience that brings people together, evokes emotions and creates memories that last a lifetime. On a yacht, the chefs are the true artists who use their culinary talents to transport guests to a realm of pure pleasure and delight. We take great joy in working closely with our chefs to craft unforgettable dining experiences that stir the senses and leave a lasting impression on their guests. The synergy between the yacht, the guests and the chefs is truly magical and it is a privilege to be a part of it.”

– Lerardi.

The selected Superyacht chefs, will be treated to a stay onboard Vulkana, the incredible ‘Artic Spa and Adventure Boat’, where guests will mingle ahead of a three-course dinner at Hildr Gastro Bar. The following day, more culinary delights await the group as they dine at Aurora Spirit distillery, courtesy of MDG’s partners Bivrost in a traditional Sami ‘Lavvu‘ tent, where there will be an open fireplace, the taste of fine whisky and lamb and if they are extra lucky, a glimpse of the ethereal Northern Lights

Amongst the exclusive group of chefs invited to participate in the authentic food tradition program is: Chef Francesco Piazzi of M/Y Crystal Lady, Chef Misha Mihhal of M/Y 11.11, Chef Jonathon Macdonald of M/Y Sea Pearl, Chef Bronwen Jones of M/Y Silver Wind, and Chef Tony Nolan of M/Y Unknown. The experience is focused on bringing passionate culinary experts together to share knowledge and exchange skills.  

The 3-day immersive culinary event allows MDG to be able to provide their family of chefs with “a unique opportunity to learn about local products and exchange experiences and knowledge” according to Ierardi.

Onboard the Vulkana, Tromso, Norway.

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A Chance For Chefs To Meet The Parters Of Maison Del Gusto & Immerse Themselves In The Food Story

The Production of Bottarga Boreale in Norway
The Production of Bottarga Boreale at the Hrogn AS factory in Norway

Known for its distinctive and rich flavour, Bottarga Boreale is made from hand-picked and lightly salted Skrei Roe, a lean winter Cod found in Norway. The story of Bottarga Boreale starts in 2007, when Finnish theoretical chemist and passionate chef Jonas Juselius experimented with Skrei Roe. Juselius joined with business partners Joakim Wikström and Lia Berti, later forming Hrogn AS. Today, they export Bottarga Boreale to 14 countries, with over 20 Michelin-rated restaurants as customers.

A unique insight into the creation of Bottarga Boreale will be offered to guests of Maison Del Gusto, who will witness for themselves the passion and care that goes into creating a Michelin-star ingredient. But also get the opportunity to make their own Bottarga Boreale which after several months, will be shipped to their vessel to serve to their Superyacht guests.

Across the weekend, the MDG team and their 5 exclusive chefs will also taste the delicacies of MDG’s other partners, including B.culture who specialise in fermented Koji products, MS Donna the premium seafood producers, Halvors specialist stockists, Arctic Salt the premium Norwegian salt makers, Bivrost ‘the world’s Northernmost distillery’ who produce Whisky, alongside a wide-range of spirits and Lofoten Seaweed who hand-harvest quality seaweed and supply it across Europe.

The Experiencing Excellence program is set to be a yearly event for MDG, with many exciting prospects of what is to follow in coming years!

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