Christmas; a time of relaxing, spending time with loved ones, eating far too much, wrapping up in warm clothes (depending on your hemisphere), Christmas markets and enjoying mulled wine with friends…

Or, Christmas for yacht crew; up to your ears in provisioning, getting the boat ready for charter, making quick FaceTime calls to family in the crew mess whilst ironing, getting your reindeer ears caught up with the sunglasses on your head and frantically wrapping presents for the owner’s children…

1. Denial

‘It’s fine, I’m sure we can still have fun and celebrate.’ Said the ever-optimistic green stew that has never worked a Christmas Day. Because as yachties we know that this is simply not the case and we’ll be getting most of our motivation from thinking about the glorious time off we’ll have afterwards… At some point.

2. Anger

‘I can’t believe we have to work the whole week of Christmas, why would guests always want to spend it in the Caribbean, why not their ski chalet in Jackson Hole?’ Said the annoyed First Mate, who has family back in Australia. As if you weren’t working enough this charter season, you now have to sacrifice your Christmas day, but the tips will be good and your guests may even want you to join in the festivities.

3. Bargaining

‘Well maybe if they come at Christmas, they won’t stay until New Year.’ Said the Deckhand that really wants to go to the crew dock party on New Year’s Eve. More than likely, they will stay for New Year or you will have a new charter by then. It’s best not to mention this and focus on thoughts of partying extra hard the week after whilst everyone else back home is deep in January blues.

4. Depression

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‘I can’t believe I have to fit a turkey in this oven again, I’m so sick of cranberries, I hate Christmas.’ Said the Chef that takes part in oven shelves vs turkey leg fight every year. At least the rest of the crew will have the opportunity for lots of Christmas goodies that can be bought and may slip through to the crew mess, once or twice…

5. Acceptance

‘Beds are made, stainless is polished, provisions are stocked, marinas are booked, guests will be arriving in the morning, lets have one last night off.’ Said the Captain, trying to get his crew to accept it too. After all, its just another charter with one day of inconvenience thrown in, think of the holiday you will be owed after it.

So, for those working over the Christmas period this year, be sure to check out this alternative Christmas playlist for yacht crew…

The owner is coming to town
All I want for Christmas is a day off
Have yourself a merry little break-time nap
Last Christmas…I was working as well
Rockin’ around the crew mess
Don’t they know we want a Christmas off?
It’s the most stressful time of the season
Baby, its really hot outside
Sail into Christmas
How the guests stole Christmas
O come all ye guests, go to bed
Let it end! Let it end! Let it end!

If you are losing your Christmas this year, Superyacht Content wishes you all a very merry Christmas, there’s always next year…

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