The time has come for us to officially announce the winners of the 2022 MYBA Superyacht Chefs’ Competition. We say ‘officially’ as the event has received overwhelming publicity and many of the names have already been ‘shared’. This adds another dimension to the Competition and creates greater awareness about the exceptional culinary talent that owners and guests can enjoy on board a superyacht. So, without further ado…

MYBA Superyacht Chefs’ Competition winner are:

48m and over: 

1st place – Anders Pedersen, Superyacht Chef on board M/Y RoMa.

62m Motor Yacht Roma | Superyacht Content

2nd place – Russell Ally, Superyacht Chef on board, M/Y Stella Maris.

M/Y Stella Maris | Superyacht Content

42 to 47m:

1st place – Anthony Fossani, Superyacht Chef on board M/Y Pisces

M/Y Pisces | Superyacht Content

2nd place – Dario Gherarducci, Superyacht Chef on board M/Y Curiosity

M/Y Curiosity stern shot | Superyacht Content

3rd place – Lee Marshall, Superyacht Chef on board S/Y Mes Amis.

Head chef on board S/Y Mes Amis attends myba chefs' competition | Superyacht Content

41m and under: 

1st place – Michael Hobbins, Superyacht Chef on board M/Y Snowbird.

Yacht chef on board M/Y Snowbird amongst the attendes for the 2022 MYBA Chefs' Competition

2nd place – Jonatan Rodriguez, Superyacht Chef on board M/Y Cinquanta.

M/Y Cinquanta | Superyacht Content

3rd place – Mate Papp, Superyacht chef on board S/Y Archelon.

Superyacht chef on board S/Y Archelon attended to 2022 MYBA Chefs' Competition
“Heart and Soul”

*Special mention to Shay van der Kraan – S/Y Shenandoah of Sark.

 The 2022 MYBA chefs’ competition signature Cocktail Competition winners:

48m and over 

1st place – Fabienne Ortac & Vesna Cocklo, of M/Y RoMa.

2nd place – Sarah Honeyman, of M/Y Stella Maris

42 to 47m

1st place – Leah Efraimov, of M/Y Pisces

2nd place – Hande Gul of S/Y Mes Amis

41m and under

1st place – Chloe Maloney of M/Y Snowbird

2nd place – Silke Bushe of M/Y Cinquanta

The 2022 myba chefs' competition winners

Congratulations to all the winners!

Thanks to the sponsors of the Competition, RobbReport and World Wine Services, as well as to our prize-givers Amandine Chefs,  Gourmet Deliveries,  Port Vauban,  Sabor Provisions and Versilia Provisions for their support.

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