We are on the final week countdown to our favourite show of the year, the Monaco Yacht Show. All sorts is going on this year! As always, we are most excited to see what will happen in the MYS Captain & Crew Lounge. Our friends at Maison Del Gusto have provided us with a sneak peek into the exclusive itinerary of  Captain & Crew Lounge Master Classes for Superyacht Chief Stews and Chefs.

What is the MYS Captain & Crew Lounge?

The C&C Lounge is a quiet place for all superyacht captains and crew to relax and unwind before heading back to their yacht. Located in Port Hercule, Monaco Bay, next to the Yacht Club de Monaco on Quai Louis II. The C&C Lounge offers complimentary breakfast and lunch to exhibiting captains and crew. Breakfast is from 8:30 to 10 a.m; and lunch is from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. No reservation? No problem! Just rock up and enjoy a free feed away from work whenever you need it. In their wind-down area, they offer free refreshments, music, entertainment, and complimentary Wi-Fi. A wellness lounge is also available during the day.

The C&C Lounge is open from 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m daily. We all know how long it can take to walk around the show, so this year, X Shore is offering a free electric shuttle that travels back and forth to the C&C Lounge between 8 am and 7 pm for yacht crew on the other side of the marina.

Exclusive Masterclasses and Tastings for Yacht Chefs and Chief Stewardess’s

The Monaco-based superyacht provisioning company Maison Del Gusto put together an exclusive Master Class Itinerary in 2019 at Monaco Yacht Show. They had a range of displays from how filet a large Tuna to ….  We are glad to confirm that they will be back this year with the success of the 2019 itinerary, so keep reading to find out what they have in store for you.

DAY 1 – 22nd September 2021: One to One with Caviar N25 and MDG

We have often presented it, or maybe we have been asked to suggest the best type. On the 22nd of September, Maison Del Gusto will provide you with the opportunity to taste and discuss in-depth 3 different types of Caviar N25:

  1. Oscietra Réserve
  2. Kaluga Hybrid
  3. Kaluga Réserv

Selected by the best Chefs in the industry, Caviar N25 is packed with the ultimate rich and creamy, pure umami flavour.

DAY 2 – 23nd September 2021: Plant-Based BBQ with the head chef on MY Artefact.

With the latest sustainability trend; to reduce meat consumption and the recent rise of Veganism, offering meat-free meals is becoming a regular thing on board superyachts. Maison Del Gusto will be joined by Head Chef of MY Artefact, Evan Mende, to present and talk about meat-free meals onboard. Evan will put together a mouth-watering plant-based BBQ that will certainly tickle your tastebuds.

DAY 3 – 24th September 2021: The Art of Perfection

Day 3 is all about the desserts! Our favourite! Maison Del Gusto will be offering a Pastry Lab day with Italian Chef Loretta Fannella, who was recognised as the “Best pastry chef in Italy” by the guide of Paolo Marchi in 2007. Loretta will take you through the art of pastry defined by every minor detail. She will display a range of classic desserts, gluten-free options and even touch on tasty vegan treats. 

On top of all of this throughout the event, Maison Del Gusto will give everyone the opportunity to try the world-famous DAI DAI bite-sized artisan ice cream embellished with dark chocolate. This is certainly a Master class you don’t want to miss!

Register Now

Registration is free and will be online only this year. They will not be taking registrations at the door, so make sure you’re ready to go before the show starts. Register now at myscclounge.com. Bookings for the MYS Captain & Crew Lounge Masterclasses are live now. To secure your place at one of these events, scan the QR Code below:

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