We are, undeniably, in the midst of the technological age – never before has the world been so connected. At the same time, our ability to travel and conduct our business as normal has never been so restricted. When it’s imperative work schedules stay on track and team members be fully informed, even when they can’t be there in person, software that improves communication, organises tasks, eases stress and streamlines spreadsheets is a welcome addition to the app screen.

Developed by yacht crew for use by yacht crew and yachting professionals, Pinpoint Works’ technology is designed to help bridge the communication gap and keep everyone up to date, no matter where in the world they may be or on what device they choose to use. Their interactive work list and project management platform makes it easy for crew and other yachting professionals to get organised and improve communication, saving time and money for all parties involved. It is the simple, effective way to manage your projects onboard and onshore.

Pinpoint Works is an app that works across all platforms

As refit season gets into full swing, there’s no better time to add Pinpoint Works to your desktop. The latest edition of the software features over 25 improvements and advancements, which have been added over the last few months to make communication between various team members even easier. It combines the functionality of some of the more common apps used, such as Excel, Dropbox, and WhatsApp, which gives Pinpoint Works an air of professionalism along with a user friendly interface.

We spoke to Founder and Superyacht Captain, James Stockdale, to find out why the Pinpoint Works software is particularly well suited to refit and maintenance works.

“Defining a detailed scope of works prior to arrival at the yard is vital for a successful refit or shipyard period. Instead of using multiple complicated spreadsheets or disorganised notes, Pinpoint Works allows crew to plan, organise and appropriately communicate what needs to be achieved during their time in the yard.

The various tasks can be detailed on the app, attributed to crewmembers, key personnel or third party contractors to action, and can be easily added to at any time – in this way, everyone has the information they need to allocate resources and speed up work flow.”

The software allows for photos, videos and supporting documents to be added in order to help clarify exactly what needs to be done, and the location of the task can be pinpointed on the yacht’s unique GA, which makes it extremely easy for outside contractors to locate where they’re needed when aboard an unfamiliar yacht.

Review superyacht GA plans in the Pinpoint Works app

Information can be shared with colleagues and crew using different levels of access and task progress can be tracked in real-time, meaning all parties have access to the latest information. All information is date and time-stamped with the user’s details to maintain accountability. The software also allows for the easy sorting and filtering of data, with an export-to-PDF option for fast reporting.

Pinpoint Works has already been adopted and implemented by over 120 superyachts, hundreds of smaller pleasure yachts and dozens of other companies within the superyacht industry. For the Chief Engineer aboard a 140m new build, it’s become “an essential part of the build process. It has modernised the way we track on-going works and communicate with the shipyard.”

Testimonial from Chief Officer of a motor yacht

The benefits of having one place where everyone can see up-to-date information in real-time are numerous, but the time/cost savings based on the improved communication and fast implementation make using Pinpoint Works a no-brainer for many Captains and project managers.

Pinpoint Works uses the latest technology in web and mobile apps and the interactive communication system can be used by crew, management companies, shipyards, surveyors and owner’s reps globally, during all lifecycles of a yacht: build, warranty, operation, refit, repaint, and surveys.

So, If you’re looking for a better way to streamline communications between crew onboard and management ashore, prepare more thoroughly for an upcoming shipyard period between charter seasons, or even start organising the warranty list for the new build you’re working on, give Pinpoint Works a try.

To learn more about Pinpoint Works or request a free 14-day trial, contact stuart@pinpointworks.com

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