A new clothing line set up by two yachting brothers from the two corners of the world

Perched on the swim platform after a long day on charter, Matthew Porter and Nicholas Pain thought “Imagine if we put all of these hours into our own business..”

They knew they wanted to design clothes and had been bouncing ideas back and forth for a year before it all came together.

Fate made it happen

Life took precedence after a while as Matthew headed back to the UK to start a family. Nicholas continued to clean windows in exotic countries. During this time, countless hours of video calls with ideas started to come together. Designs were drawn up and samples were received.

Another clothing brand? Yawn

When they started telling people about Porter x Pain they were met with the same response.. “there are loads of people with clothing brands out there.”

This may be true but not everyone has worked on Superyachts. We know the attention to detail that they have from working for years in an industry where perfect means room for improvement. From the reusable bag, they are delivered in to the spritz of fragrance when you open your package. Everything has been mulled over, refined, and will continue to improve as they learn more about the industry they have burst into.

Nicholas is from Australia and Matthew is from the UK. With friends in yachting meant that their first few orders came in from New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, and America. Even though Porter x Pain is based in the UK their customer base is worldwide.

On the website porterxpain.com they currently stock t-shirts, caps, beanies, and socks. With hoodies, shorts, and other items in the final stages of samples and available soon. Enter discount code “SYC” at the checkout as they are giving all Superyacht content readers a NICE discount!

There is also a competition to win some clothes on the instagram page @porterxpain until 12.00 GMT Monday 15th March so get your last-minute entries in.

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