Tim Baldwin is a man with a plan, that face says it all! And this plan involves breathing new life into some of the world’s most beautiful superyachts. Carefully considered design, well-curated specification, and top notch supply are the three main ingredients to the Baldwin & Harris success story.

We thought we’d catch up with him for the latest edition of our #QuickQuiz feature to talk boat shows, beer, and career highlights.

1. First, please describe to us where you are right now.

Back in our design studio in Bath after excellent shows in Cannes and Monaco. The refit period is our busiest time, and we’re looking forward to transforming some yachts in the next few months, fresh for the 2017 season.

2. What was your dream job growing up, and what do you do now?

My dream job growing up was to crew a J Class yacht. I first saw Valsheda in Poole in the eighties and couldn’t believe that people were paid to sail her. My career hasn’t moved too far from these early aspirations, as we now design the interiors of motor and sail yachts – a very lucky position to have in the industry.
Image source: Dykstra

3. Tell us what the highlight of your career has been.

Every finished project is a highlight, letting the owner’s embrace and take in their new space. Each project has had its challenges in their own guise and so getting across the line is always an achievement.

4. Would you rather own a yacht or prefer to charter it?

I would own a 50ft sailing yacht that I would take out with my family, and charter large motor yachts.

5. Imagine you’re now out cruising on your yacht- are you partying on the sundeck until daybreak; seeking relaxation in the superyacht spa; or exploring hidden coves with your camera at the ready?

A little bit of everything. The opportunity for memorable parties would be too great to miss, however, some real relaxation is also now as much of a goal as the last round of drinks.

6. Who is the person you look up to most in the superyacht industry?

Ed Dubois. I was enormously lucky to get my first break in the superyacht industry working on a project that he had designed. I got giddy as his name came up on my mobile phone, but he also always took me under his wing, pulled me aside at Monaco and seemed to genuinely care about this young buck, feeling utterly out of my depth. A huge figure. A huge loss.

7. Name your top 3 dinner party guests, dead or alive, celebrities or friends, and tell us why.

John Harrison, inventor of the marine chronometer – I would love to learn about his resilience amongst society and peers that didn’t respect his ideas, to then prove them all wrong.

Sir Paul Smith – Because he seems like such a nice bloke, and probably got a few stories to tell.

Mel and Sue – They’ve got a bit of time on their hands now, and take the p*ss out of everyone else!

8. Everybody loves a boat show: Monaco, Antigua, Barcelona or FLIBS- which is best?

Monaco – it’s a celebration in the center of global opulence. Great friends, Great boats, expensive beer.

9. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

If it all goes to plan, happy while still designing great boats.

10. Last one, most importantly, what is your favorite cheese?

Going back to my roots, Cheshire – creamy and crumbly.

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