We’re bringing you a new online feature this week called #QuickQuiz. During this series we are aiming to get to know social influencers in the yachting industry, by asking them a set of 10 carefully crafted questions. We have chosen to make a special focus on individuals who go the extra mile within the superyacht world to achieve greatness and push the business forward into the modern age.

Our first #QuickQuiz candidate is Superyacht Times’ Tom Van Oosanen, who has been dominating yachting newsfeeds around the world recently with his photographic achievements. From Monaco, to the North Sea, to the City of London- Tom is quickly becoming one of the industry’s most well recognised superyacht photographers.

So grab a coffee, sit down for a moment and let’s see what he has to say for himself!

1. First, please describe to us where you are right now, or tell us something exciting you’ve been up to recently.

Writing this I am in the plane back to Amsterdam, coming from Nice airport after the MYS2016.
It was again a great edition of the most important yachting event in the world, I met up with a lot of people and visited many yachts. Oh and I also took over 3000 photographs…

2. What was your dream job growing up, and what do you do now?

My dream job was becoming a helicopter pilot. I say was but I still want to get my license and fly helicopters. Now I am a photographer, which luckily gives me the chance to be in a helicopter a few times a year!

3. Tell us what the highlight of your career has been.

It has only been a short career so far, but I’ve done some really cool stuff already. My highlight was probably a weekend in May when I went to see the new Dilbar cruising over the North Sea. The weather wasn’t ideal and she was quite far out, and we were flying with the door open (which is always more fun) so I could get the best shot. Once we finally got overhead and saw this 156m beauty hitting the waves, I knew it was a moment I will never forget. Early the next day I flew to Iceland to capture Motoryacht A, she’s one of the most inspiring yachts for a photographer and the location was otherworldly. I call it the ultimate yacht spotting weekend!

4. Would you rather own a yacht or prefer to charter it?

I’d prefer to own one. I’d like to have a beautiful yacht with her own unique design. Not too big – just enough to store my helicopter and host a good party on a decent sized sundeck for all my friends.

5. Imagine you’re now out cruising on your yacht- are you partying on the sundeck until daybreak; seeking relaxation in the superyacht spa; or exploring hidden coves with your camera at the ready?

I’m sure I would enjoy all three, but I’d probably be out exploring with my camera most of the time. I would love to cruise the unexplored grounds of Patagonia down in South America. It’s a beautiful area which is high on my list, and from there go down to Antarctica and discover the continent.

6. Who is the person you look up to most in the superyacht industry?

Tough question, but I would have to say Espen Oeino. He has designed such amazing superyachts over the years, some real icons of the sea. I think designers in this industry play a key role. They can inspire an owner to buy a superyacht. With Kismet, SilverLoft and the recently launched Project Mistral he designed some amazing yachts that will surely inspire potential yacht owners to build their own.

7. Name your top 3 dinner party guests, dead or alive, celebrities or friends, and tell us why.

Apollo astronaut Neil Armstrong, I have always loved the universe. I have a telescope myself and being on my balcony, watching the moon, see the craters. Always something new to discover.
The Wright brothers, first people to ever fly an airplane. I am sure that will give some interesting stories! And that’s three already…

8. Everybody loves a boat show: Monaco, Antigua, Barcelona or FLIBS- which is best?

Monaco, for the whole industry it’s the most important show of the year with a lot of the latest deliveries to visit. I can also recommend to everyone to go up to the Tete du Chien, the big rock behind Monaco, to see the sunset and watch all the boats light up in the bay. And in the evenings there is always a good party going on somewhere.

9. Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

I am still new in the industry and there is still a long way to go. I hope in 10 years time I will still be doing what I love, taking photographs of beautiful superyachts, and hopefully inspiring people with original photography. I like to think that interesting photography can inspire a new generation of owners and help our growing industry move forward.

10. Last one, most importantly, what is your favourite cheese?

As I am Dutch I should say Gouda… And I do like a good Gouda cheese, but anyone who knows me well knows I always try to cover my food with Parmesan cheese…

Nice work Tom, keep those yacht-pics coming! -SC

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