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How would you feel if you could dispose of your Superyacht uniform without having to worry about it ending up in another landfill, contributing to the environmental crisis?

With 28+ years of experience in the Superyacht clothing industry, 2022 is a revolutionary year for one of the UK’s leading Superyacht Uniform Suppliers, Taylor Made Designs. They’ve recently announced their new programme to help clients dispose of waste responsibly. With sustainability and Eco-friendly products being a trending subject in the Superyacht industry, Taylor Made Designs (TMD) has launched a textile recycling program to provide yacht crew with a secure, environmentally responsible solution to the disposal of what would otherwise be their end of use textiles, including crew uniform, workwear, Superyacht PPE, and laundry.

Taylor Made Designs - Recycling Project

How will it work?

The primary and preferred route is to re-use materials for future manufacturing of garments, creating a circular textile economy. This is possible with simple, natural fabrics such as cotton, wool, Tencel, etc. The secondary option is to recycle materials for use in the manufacture of other products. Examples include insulation, partition walls, and sound boarding. Alternatively, in places where fabrics can’t be recycled, re-purposed garments can be turned into chips and melted down. This will then make composites such as picnic tables, chairs, and polyester fabrics. With the option to also be used for Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF).

A message from CEO and managing director of TMD, Ed Taylor:

“The frightening reality is that a lorry load of textile waste enters landfill every second, and three out of five t-shirts made today will enter landfill within 12 months.”

“Currently, only 1 percent of textiles worldwide are recycled effectively. This is not a sustainable or acceptable situation. The disposal of what most see as the end of use workwear also presents a security issue for many of our clients and the sectors we supply. Branded textiles need to be shredded and responsibly re-purposed to avoid any brand misrepresentation issues. All textiles can be re-recycled or re-purposed!

What does the Superyacht Uniform Suppliers’ new recycling programme offer for Yacht Crew?

If you’re a yachtie then you know that Superyacht uniforms are subjected to harsh conditions on board and extended wear, resulting in regular uniform changes and a great deal of garment disposal! The programme offers yacht crew a suite of options. Chief Stews or Captains will receive a written certification of the entire recycling process, which includes an Environmental Impact Statement. They will also receive information such as Collection dates, weight collected, and the resultant environmental impact in terms of CO2 saved from entering the atmosphere, landfill space, and water liter measurements saved, among others.

The programme is inclusive. It makes responsible and secure disposal of textiles possible for any sized yacht, single or multi-site. Taylor Made Designs provide a service for their clients who do not produce enough textile waste to justify a dedicated on-site recycling unit by arranging for their end-of-use uniform/textiles to be delivered to or collected by TMD. They will then be added to TMD’s central disposal unit. This is then collected and certified by Avena, their textiles recycling partner, on a monthly basis.

Ed Taylor comments:

 “TMD is an environmentally aware company. We use electric vehicles, and recycled boxes with every order that is dispatched from our warehouse. Our team is committed to working with our clients to ensure the responsible and effective recycling of what would otherwise be the end of life textiles. Our clients are also becoming more aware of their environmental responsibilities in this area. They’re now showing genuine positivity and support towards the programme. We only have one planet and we all need to do our bit to protect it. I believe we have a direct responsibility to make a difference wherever we can as a textile and manufacturing organization. And I’m confident our clients will welcome the opportunity to be able to securely dispose of used textiles”

Please contact Ed Taylor directly at ed.taylor@tailormadedesigns.co.uk or call +44 1202 473311 for more information regarding the UK Superyacht Uniform suppliers‘ new recycling program.

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