Don’t you hate it when your provisioner delivers you a substitute item without prior warning? Or they deliver you more than you ordered and it won’t fit in your designated space. Recently we spoke with a company that is redefining the role of the superyacht provisioner.

Without a shadow of a doubt, Superyacht Chefs have one of the most challenging tasks on board. They have to deliver three top-end meals per day that will satisfy guests’ requests and well-developed pallets for the duration of their stay on board.

Creating exquisite and unique menus where no two days are the same is an art. On top of this, they often have to please an even tougher crowd, the crew. With high expectations, special requests and quick turnaround times to contend with, superyacht chefs find themselves in some of the most challenging situations on board.

For this reason, a chef must find a provisioning company that doesn’t work for them but works with them to secure those unique hard to find items. They will need to provide the freshest and finest products or deliver at the drop of a hat. Provisioners are now not only a delivery service, but they play an integral role in the smooth running of a superyacht.

We talked to Monaco-based provisioner Maison Del Gusto who are redefining the definition of Provisioner to a passionate sourcing company that offers complete transparency with their team working on board.

“To create beautiful food, you need beautiful ingredients”
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What actually is a superyacht provisioner?

The dictionary definition of Provisioner is the act of providing or supplying something.

The role of a yacht provisioning company is to source, prepare, and deliver food and drinks to superyachts. But, the superyacht industry is growing with boats getting bigger, requiring more products and better quality. Provisioners have to evolve to keep up with the unique requirements and the latest dietary trends of superyacht guests.

Maison Del Gusto tells us:

“The Provisioner is not just a supplier anymore. We are a partner of the chef, the chief stew and even the captains on board. We not only assist them with what they need, but we anticipate what they are going to need.”

“As provisioners, we define ourselves as a gourmet selector of unique ingredients. We strive to work with top end chefs that will transform our ingredients into something magical. Food is our passion, our culture, and we always go the extra mile to ensure we supply the best of the best. There are no limits to what we can help with. The Provisioner, in our eyes, has developed into becoming a friend and partner on land to a chef we can grow and learn with.”

Ora King Salmon – Image by Maison Del Gusto

The importance of the food provisioners’ supply.

Let’s be honest. Food plays a vital part in everyone’s holiday. Days often revolve around breakfast, lunch, and dinner; this is no different on a superyacht. The standard expected from owners and guests is close to Michelin. On top of your normal three meals, chefs can expect to deliver grand fresh fruit platters, tea-time delights, cocktails and canapés in some combination every day.

French, Mediterranean, Italian, Asian, Japanese or a classic American BBQ are all types of cuisine often requested by guests. If that is what a guest wants, that is what the chef will have to deliver. This is where the crucial role of the provisioner comes in. To create the most memorable meals, you need the best products. Maison Del Gusto (MDG) allows their international background to shine through their ingredients. They inspect their suppliers and ensure they a producing the very best of their product.

MDG Comments;

“As Italians, we respect our ingredients, and we know how important food is for the soul. We grow with our food and if our suppliers cannot pass our strict tests, they will not make it anywhere near our customers. We aim to remove all stress from superyacht crew when it comes to receiving their products. Yacht crew need to focus 100% of their attention on creating the best experience for their guests on board, so we take care of the logistics on land for them.”

“The Nonnas coming from different parts of Italy making their own traditional homemade pasta”

Why a good relationship with your Superyacht Provisioner is vital:

Imagine being let down at the last minute. It is not an option in an industry like this one. The key to a successful long relationship between chefs and provisioners is trust, transparency, and communication.

Provisioning companies now have to invest considerable time in getting to know their clients and finding their special requests and preferences. They must be prepared to deal with sudden orders or unusual requests. MDG Comments:

“We pre-invest in the chefs we work with because we know they will always return to us. We pre-stock special items, so we always have stock for them throughout the season. On top of this, we keep large amounts of stock so we can always provide the best quality products even if we have little notice to deliver.”

Maison Del Gusto uniquely adopts a bible system and assigns an identity card to every chef, chief stewardess or captain it serves. They note preferences, which reduces the chances of important information being overlooked during an order. They aim to be the chef’s sight, taste, smell, and touch, accomplished through long-standing relationships and clear communication.

For more information on Maison Del Gusto, click here. Needing food inspiration in Monaco, follow them @mdg_yacht_provisioning. To find out their latest news, follow them on Facebook @maisondelgusto.

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