The crew of M/Y Pi is nearing the end of their 3 week rowing for a cleaner ocean challenge. Here at Superyacht Content we want to take a look back at what they have achieved. We would like to ask for assistance helping them reach their €25,000 target. All to raise money and awareness for The Ocean Cleanup Initiative.

The Goal

Their aim was to row continuously for 12 hours each day. All for the duration of the 3-week crossing from Amsterdam, Netherlands to the Panama Canal. As you can see from the shot below they have rowed a combined 2.95 million meters. That’s an average of 9500 meters per workout (which i’m pretty sure is more than I have done in a lifetime). Read their mission statement below.

“We are duty-bound as seafarers to respect the oceans as we earn our living travelling across the seven seas. With our combined experience of travelling over the whole globe over the course of many years, we have seen the effect of plastic pollution first hand. Having once experienced pristine environments full of marine life, it is demoralising and heart-breaking to see how much these remote places have been destroyed in recent years by plastic pollution.”

They are still welcoming all donations on their Go Fund Me page and if you cant donate use the buttons on the right to share their story.

Make sure to follow them on Instagram for loads of story updates and great pictures.

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