Deckhands with the STCW Navigation Watch Rating Certificate are in demand by Yacht Captains and will be advantageous when applying for your first Yacht Deckhand job. For this reason, you can book Seven Seas Prep navigational watch course now!

Seven Seas Prep STCW Navigation watch rate certificate course

Orlando, Florida July 12, 2022 – US based company, Seven Seas Prep Academy offers the STCW Navigation Watch course. With this certificate, a deckhand will be a more valuable crew member and will be eligible for more advanced duties which often lead to higher salaries and faster promotion onboard. You will receive 4 months of sea service credit after completing the course while only requiring 2 months of sea service to satisfy the full STCW requirements.

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So, what does having an STCW navigation watch course mean?

Seven Seas Prep navigational watch course meets and exceeds the requirements for a Yacht rating certificate. Recruitment agencies will recognize the certificate and as a holder, you will not require a yacht rating certificate. This credential is the entry to further progress your career and work towards additional certification and is a requirement to complete the Efficient Deck Hand Course. The NWR course is US Coast Guard approved and internationally recognized.

Taught by the most experienced Master Mariners with extensive large yacht and commercial ship experience, the course will give you not just technical knowledge, but world experience as well.

According to Yacht Captain Bosch, “Our biggest struggle with our large yacht is we must adhere to passenger ship regulations with the sense of having 3 STCW NWR tickets on board. We’ve been using newly qualified OOW’s and OOW’s that want to make the transition into yachts in a deckhand role to cover those tickets since NWR have been difficult to find”

Seven Seas Preparatory Academy is a maritime school that prepares you for your career at sea. In addition to Navigation Watch Rating Course, they also offer an array of courses, including the STCW Blended Basic Training and Yacht training. In addition,  for those inclined to the arts, Seven Seas Prep offer dance and singing workshops, within their entertainment department.

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The next course will take place in Orlando, Florida on September 6th, 2022. For booking information, visit

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