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Halloween 2021 is around the corner, and after a year of themed parties over zoom calls,  we are sure this year will be one to remember! Are you struggling to conjure up some unique outfit ideas? We’ve put together a list of seven sinister costumes for Halloween to scare the socks off of your guests or crew on board. Whether you’re searching for group costumes for the nearest yacht crew Halloween party or hopping on the latest Halloween trends, there’s something on this list for everyone:

Sinister Halloween Costume No 1 – Creepy Mermaid

Kicking it off with a marine-themed must! This take on a quintessential mythical mermaid will have you standing out from the crowd! Why not jump on board with the wet hair trend to achieve the ultimate look, or how about opting for a simple but effective fishtail plait? Think outside of the box and utilize the surrounding objects! For example, seashells and fishing nets are low-cost but critical accessories to make your mermaid outfit pop.  Don’t worry if you’re a beginner at makeup. Just reach for a pair of fishnet tights and use them as a stencil to create the illusion of scaley skin. 

Sinister Halloween Costume No 2 – IT

I don’t know about you, but when I think sinister, I think “I.T.’. A modern take on the classic clown costume will have your guests and fellow crew’s spines shivering. The beauty of the clown is that you can tailor your makeup and outfit in several ways without having to splash the cash. Grab yourselves some white and red face paint, a red wig, and you’re ready to go… 

Sinister Halloween Costume No 3 – Candyman

Speaking of sinister looks, the iconic character “Candyman” will do the trick. With the 2021 Candyman sequel currently in cinemas right now, it’s the perfect opportunity to recreate the costume! Continuing the theme of cost-effective costumes, all that you will require for this outfit is a fleece-lined jacket, a hook, some fake blood, and there you have it, the Candyman!

Sinister Halloween Costume No 4 – Cruella

Cruella was adapted from the classic movie “101 Dalmatians” and premiered in May 2021. We predict this stylish villain will be iconic this Halloween. You might not be able to ignite your costume the way Cruella does, but you can certainly wow your guests by recreating her style with a blood-red maxi dress, paired with elbow-length gloves, a glamourous mask, and the classic black and white wig. Or, to recreate her chilling all-black style, reach for a black-draped coat styled with a choker and some elbow-length gloves. The choice is all yours, but make sure to let us know which you opt for!

Sinister Halloween Costume No 5 – The Addams Family

It’s the 30th anniversary of the 1991 feature film “The Adams Family”.  With their comedy sequel currently in cinemas, it is the perfect choice for this year’s crew party! They’re sinister, they’re spooky, and they’re the ideal costumes to get the entire crew on board with. Get creative, tailor each outfit to the most suited crew member, and have a laugh. 

Sinister Halloween Costume No 6 –  Money Heist 

If you haven’t already sat down and watched your way through the popular Netflix series “Money Heist”, then we recommend doing so right away! With series 5 being released earlier in the year,  we have no doubt these costumes will be seen globally on October 30th.  

They make for the perfect group costumes, and although they’re all very similar, there’s something sinister about not knowing who’s behind the mask! So what are you waiting for? Gather the crew together, put on your red jumpsuits with a Salvador Dali mask and throw your guests the Halloween extravaganza they’d have wished they never asked for!

Sinister Halloween Costume No 7 – The Nun

Finally, we have The Nun aka, one of the most sinister and demonic outfits to date! On the back of the horror movie “Annabelles” success, the Nun from The Conjuring is another Halloween movie character that deserves to be recreated this year. It’s simple, iconic, and all that is required is a black long-sleeved dress, a traditional headpiece, paired with a cross necklace. Perfected with a face of dark makeup or, to make life even easier, a mask.

Start planning your costumes. Halloween is just three weeks away!

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