Whether you’re decking the halls for a charter or taking some time out with the crew, Samphire England has everything you need to make your Christmas tablescape unforgettable this year

A Traditional Christmas Tablescape

Whether you are setting the table for 18 or arranging a table for 4, there are some easy ways to impress your guests and fellow crew members this Christmas!

A Traditional Christmas

What’s not to love about a traditional table setting?
It’s all about layering, textures, mixed matching and sumptuous centrepieces.

Silverware Centrepieces

Top Tips

  • Pull out the silverware you have on board and have a play around. This is the perfect time to check out what’s inside those anti-tarnish storage bags in the dining room.
  • If you are wanting to keep it fresh, go for the brightest berry red and look for patterns that sit happily without matching too much.
  • Flowers and foliage, whether fresh or faux, are essential at Christmas time and can make the most sumptuous of table runners. Think moss, eucalyptus, holly or even magnolia branches!
Christmas table setting featuring Samphire England Tableware
Christmas table setting featuring Samphire England Tableware

Glam Luxe

This style is extremely joyous and effective, especially if you are in warmer, tropical climates!

Gold Accents Table Setting

A crisp napkin fold, formal napkin ring softened with fun colours and patterns and tinsel, what’s not to love?

Top Tips

  • Layer your place settings and play with the contrast between dramatic colours and specks of gold.
  • Pick up gold in small details – whether it be the rim of the plates, glassware or cutlery.
  • Don’t forget to try and incorporate some of the old school classics, such as gravy boats and candelabras.

Deck the dining room with… Crystal

Whether you are in cool or warm climates, a crystal tablescape will give the wow factor to any table this Christmas!

A sparkly crystal tablescape

Top Tips

  • Pick one statement colour and team it up with crystal glasses, simplistic flatware and white napkins.
  • Ensure all of your crystalware is polished and sparkling prior to the big day. Use a diluted white vinegar spray to clean the glasses, as not only will the acid break down the cloudiness, but it will also give it the perfect sparkle.
  • Add a splash of colour to your drinks station by making some festive ice cubes with cranberries/ pomegranate seeds or even mint.
Table accessories from Samphire England

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A Frozen Christmas

Blues, silvers, and whites are perfect if you’re hosting a Winter Wonderland party this Christmas.

Blue Christofle Tableware
Samphire England also supplies Christofle and other luxury tableware brands

Top Tips

  • Drape blankets and faux furs over your chairs.
  • Spray foliage and twigs with fake snow and dress them in fairy lights.
  • The decorating doesn’t stop at the table. Grab yourself some cans of snow and get creative on those dining room windows.

Azur Gem Napkin Rings From Samphire England

A magical, metallic Christmas

Stylish, sophisticated and outrageously over the top. Sounds like the perfect Christmas Tablescape, does it not?

Metallic Christmas table setting

Top Tips

  • Set the scene with silvers or golds to accentuate any occasion.
  • Fill your centrepiece with as many candles as you possibly can whilst incorporating a little height, fresh flowers and foliage. One of my favourite combinations is white roses and eucalyptus dusted in a little faux snow!
  • Metallic touches on cutlery and/or glassware used in the correct manner can elevate any table setting.
Luminosity Napkin Rings from Samphire England

Silver & Gold Christmas Table

As you can see there are many ways to take your table setting, whatever your style of choice.
Take your tablescape designs to new heights to ensure guests enjoy the ambiance of your chosen style. For more elegant tablescape inspiration, click here to discover Samphire England tableware.

How ever you decide to style your Christmas Tablescape, don’t forget to tag Superyacht Content and Samphire England on Instagram.

Merry Christmas, Love Samphire England.

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