SugarSkinn Elite is a new company in the beauty market. They offer high-quality custom amenity kits and organic skincare products your guests won’t throw away.

Are you offering your guests mismatched products, tacky looking amenity kits or maybe no amenity kits at all?

Superyachts often provide guests with mini tubes of toothpaste, poor quality lip balms and products that never get used. This is not only wasteful, but it also adds to the overall environmental impact of your vessel. The difficulty of finding high-quality minis suitable for a superyacht charter or private jet can be quite a struggle, which is why we often revert to well-known brands like Colgate and Molton Brown.

Today we spoke with Elizabeth Menegon, the founder of a new company on the market, SugarSkinn EliteTM, who offers a solution to your amenity kit struggles.

Tell us more about SugarSkinn Elite. What is it you specialise in?

SugarSkinn Elite stands out in the skincare market for two reasons:

  1. We are all about small-batch skincare. Smaller batches are made more frequently, making our products as fresh and natural as skincare products can be. Small batch production also allows us more flexibility and creativity. My team here ensures that our ingredients are from trustworthy sources to provide the best quality available.
  2. We customise our high-quality products without limitations. We specialise in amenity kits for Yachts, Private Jets, and luxury stays and allow you to customise the kits to meet your guests’ needs and aesthetic preferences. You pick the products they’ll need, the design of packaging they’ll enjoy, and we’ll make it happen. It’s that simple.

What made you come up with the idea of SugarSkinn Elite amenity kits?

We created SugarSkinn Elite because there was a gap in the market. There was no option to order custom, high-quality products. The custom options used low-quality ingredients and required extremely large minimum orders, resulting in a product being thrown away. We think your guests deserve the best and being wasteful isn’t our style.

What makes your products unique from others?

We don’t compromise. From our small batch promise, our natural ingredient profile, to the lengths we’ll go to customise an order to your exact specifications. We ensure the highest standard of quality and service is always provided.

Custom Amenity Kits
Environmentally Friendly Amenity Kits

You say you can tailor your amenity kit packaging to suit the requirement of your client. Can you also customise the packaging of the product itself?

Absolutely! We can customise the labels on the actual product’s container to look exactly how you, or your guests, prefer. We can also work with you on the outer packaging to customise the experience even further. Whether it’s the perfect bag, gift box, or any other creative element you envision.

What is the most out-there packaging you have provided so far?

We recently provided amenity kits in Goyard bags for each guest. That’s pretty extravagant if you ask me.

Where does the design and production process take place?

All of our products are manufactured in Connecticut. We need to keep production local because we are committed to small batch production and the freshest, highest quality ingredients. We can do this by keeping our production close to home.

With all of your skincare products being organic, does this mean they have a short shelf life?

Organic does not always mean that products have a shorter shelf life. For us, it’s the opposite. We only make our products with whole, natural ingredients, which means they last a long time. The only product that we recommend not using past the six-month mark is our body polish. Either way, we are confident that it won’t last very long once you try a product.

With your services being so bespoke, how long does it usually take from order to shipping?

Each order time will vary depending on what the order entails. For example, standard, eco-friendly packaging has a shorter lead time than something like a Goyard bag. We always recommend reaching out as soon as possible, so we have time to execute your vision exactly as you see it!

Other than custom amenity kits, what other unique products does SugarSkinn Elite offer?

Baby – Baby on board? We don’t forget your little ones in our amenity kits. We offer talc-free baby powder, organic baby socks, diaper balm and soothing bath powder.

Travel – We know you don’t need a bath soak while in the air. We offer a hydrating facial mist, a cooling foot spray and a few delicious lip balms to offer you a refreshing moment in any situation.

Pet – We love your furry family members as much as you do, which is why a portion of all our Paw Balm sales go directly to the charity. Our Paw-some Paw Balm is made with the same quality standards as all Sugar Skinn products and is not too greasy or sticky.

How do you order SugarSkinn Elite custom amenity kits?

Our services are so personalised to the customers’ request that you can only order with us via email at Once you have been in touch, we create you an account to record all special requests. We discuss your requirements and tailor everything to you and your vessel to ensure you provide the best possible service for your guests.

Find SugarSkinn Elite

To search through our current range of products head over to our website To keep you with our latest releases, follow us on Instagram @sugarskinnnyc.

Keep an eye out for the SugarSkinn EliteTM team at the 2021 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

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