Chef Claire Hutchings knows her way around a galley. In her impressive career, Claire has worked her way up from a 16-year-old fresh out of culinary school to winning the Masterchef Professionals trophy in 2018. Since entering the field of superyachts in 2016, Claire has not looked back, finding a space where she can continue presenting creative and innovative dishes as well as working with some of the best ingredients in the world with the help of that unbeatable superyacht budget.

In her new monthly blog, Claire presents her show-stopping guest recipes, as well as her favourite nourishing recipes to keep crew happy such as a succulent Octopus Paella or a delicious Greek Moussaka. See how Claire creates her theatrical Beef Tartare below and learn how to wow your guests this coming season…

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Claire Hutchings Beef Tartare Recipe Chef Claire's Beef Tartare

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