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From last-minute Michelin star restaurant reservations and tickets to Wimbledon to customs and clearance, provisions, berthing and fuel, superyacht agents are becoming more and more valuable in this ever-changing complicated world. With no governing body or international regulations on how they should operate, how do we know we are selecting the right superyacht agent with so many now to choose from?

Superyacht agents are the zippers that help hold a trip of a lifetime together. They are a PA, tour guide, an event planner, a counsellor and a personal shopper. The role of a superyacht agent is many jobs in one, and even the most seasoned captains couldn’t bear to be without one.

But How Do We Know We Are Getting a Good Superyacht Agent? 

AYSS provides a global community of professional superyacht agents. All of their members have the Superyacht Industry as the core of their business. If they are an AYSS member, you can be confident your agent will go the extra mile.

Thorough knowledge of local laws, tax systems, service providers and fuel suppliers are essential skills Superyacht Agents must have to become an AYSS member. In today’s increasingly complex logistical world, it should be the agent, with their expert knowledge of the country they are operating in, who will help get your yacht fully prepare for either Owner, Charter or Passage on time.

Superyacht – Auckland, New Zealand

The Global Regulator

From the bottom of the globe in little New Zealand to the top in the UK, Superyachts now venture worldwide. Superyacht agents are popping up in all destinations, with most countries now having multiple agents to choose from. Finding a knowledgeable and reputable agent accustomed to the demands of superyachts is becoming more difficult for captains and crew. There is no globally accepted regulation for the quality of service they should provide. Nor is there someone upholding standards, requirements or even setting a price mark for superyacht agents. With no governing body, how can you be confident you will receive the best service when choosing your agent?

Members of the AYSS are quality checked and vetted for fairness. To become a member, they must provide references from Captains and from within the Superyacht Industry. Other member agents must also recommend them. The Association of Yacht Support Services selection process is rigorous. Interested potential members must have been operating within the superyacht industry for a minimum of two years. Their primary business must also be as agents within the superyacht industry.

But What If Things Don’t Go Smoothly?

In the unlikely event of things going wrong, AYSS has an Ethics and Grievance group that will attempt to resolve any issues to the satisfaction of both parties. Becoming a valued member of AYSS gives agents an elevated advantage over unregulated yacht agents. It is an added protection for the agent and an added protection for the yacht itself.


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