The design team at Elite Yacht Covers has an impressive combined experience of over 50 years in the yachting industry. The importance of durable and well-fitted awnings cannot be overlooked onboard, protecting not only the yacht from the sun but also guests and crew. The process of creating an impeccably well-fitted form-found computer designed cover is something the team at EYC has perfected. We got some insight into the design process and learnt about the tools used to create one of their bespoke covers…

The Design Process

Like a tender alongside a majestic yacht, we navigate the sea of possibilities. Every detail matters, and we’re here to capture your vision.”

The process of creating a cover for any yacht begins with the design, and the first step is for the EYC team to discuss with the vessel’s representatives exactly what is required from the covers or awnings. The estimated design is issued from either 2D or 3D drawings of the yacht – or measurements and photographs before the EYC team travel to the yacht. Once they are onboard, the details are discussed further with the clients and any costing amendments are made.

The design team then proceed to take measurements in order to create comprehensive sketches. Having the team present onboard is important in order to gain a the scope of the project. A digital measuring computer called a ‘Proliner’ is used onboard to ensure the designs are created with millimetre accuracy. EYC then provides a detailed quote to the client.

At Kayospruce fabrics, the fabric is cut to scale using laser cutting and blade cutting machines. Other intricate machine processes are used throughout to ensure that the design’s intricate details become reality.

Part of Elite Yacht Cover's design process is creating CAD imagery

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CAD Design plays an integral part in the process, ensuring detailed accuracy and enabling the team to present every detail of the design to their clients, avoiding the possibility of miscommunication and mistakes:

“Digitising the yacht or working from 3D drawings opens up a huge amount of opportunities, from millimetre perfect measuring, laser-cutting fabric, exacting repeatability and CAD design work. For Awnings, we can test differing loads to gauge the size of the cables required to make sure that they stand up to the working loads. We are also able to show different design shapes to the client for approval so that the finalised design meets the clients expectations and there are no surprises”

Having adequate protection is crucial for yachts to operate properly, and EYC understand the importance of the finer details involved in creating them.

After having spotted a gap in the market for a niche product, Elite Yacht Covers are confident that the service they provide is the best in the industry. Using cutting-edge technology, EYC stands out from the crowd with their designs, and go the extra-mile to ensure that Superyacht quality covers and awnings are produced (even travelling as far as the Seychelles for one yacht after they had previously been let down by another supplier).

Watch their video on the process of creating their products below:

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