The quality and style of a yacht’s furniture and furnishings make a vessel unique and luxurious. They contribute to the design, comfort, and functionality of each area onboard. Therefore, it’s vital for yacht crew to:

  1. research and invests in an experienced and trustworthy marine cover supplier
  2. understand how to protect and prevent damage to yacht furniture in all weather conditions

Elite Yacht Covers (EYC) design and manufacture covers and canopies for yachts, pleasure crafts, and architectural projects. They are renowned for manufacturing long-lasting, high-quality, and custom yacht furniture covers to suit clients’ requirements.

“The best way to maintain yacht furniture is to keep them covered and protected from the elements. Depending on the yacht’s itinerary, we find that most furniture is not in use for the majority of the time, for example, when the boat is on passage, overnight and when there are no guests onboard. Therefore, with a tailor-made, tight fitting cover, the longevity of expensive furniture can be increased significantly”

– Co-Founder of Elite Yacht Covers, Paul Gray.

Elite Yacht Covers - Marine Furniture

In which ways do Elite Yacht Covers prevent long-term damage to furniture on a vessel?

It’s easy to forget that yacht furniture can be damaged by salt and freshwater, liquid spillage, and what is arguably the biggest factor, the UV. The UV is probably the biggest silent killer when it comes to harming yacht furniture. Over time, It will kill any protective coatings. Additionally, depending on the material, the UV can cause wood/ rattan to wrap, fade and dry out.

When asked how EYC helps prevent damage to yacht furniture, Paul Gray responded:

“We look at the placement of a vessel’s furniture and any potential risks of damage. An important factor is how exposed the area is and how yacht covers should be secured. We generally get useful feedback from the crew on this. We then consider what elements are needed to implement into the design, such as leathered corners on right-angled corners, foam padding, soft-touch lining, or webbing straps with stainless buckles.”

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Which yacht cover materials should be used to prevent damage to the vessel’s furniture?

In terms of materials, EYC gets theirs predominantly from the SERGE Ferrari ranging from Stamoid Heavy to Stamoid Smart 1. By using the smart material, the team can ensure the cover is both breathable and yet impermeable, at the same time, with the bonus of a silicone finish to repel dirt. 

Over the last three years, Elite Yacht Covers has been successfully carrying out R&D testing on WeatherMax 3D. As a result, from the Captains and crew feedback, this has been argued to be a game changer! So, what does WeatherMax 3D have to offer?

  • Enhanced UV protection, water resistance, and breathability
  • Soft and pliable
  • Highly resistant to rips, tears, and abrasion

In addition to the three benefits above, WeatherMax 3D is ideal for a yacht’s sunshades, protective engine, and seat covers. Or any application that demands outdoor durability and elasticity.

*Despite WeatherMax 3Ds water-shedding features, it is not impermeable, and crew should consult with EYC about this application consideration. 

Top tips and tricks for crew to help prevent the wear and tear of their yachts’ furniture:

EYC - Sailing Yacht cover and canopies

Just like an item of clothing, a yacht’s furniture and covers will get dirty inside and out, so it’s essential covers are cleaned frequently. The dirt on the used furniture will inevitably transfer to the inside of the yacht cover. According to EYC, the most effective cleaning products for the crew to use on board are:

  • Serge 500 cleaner spray – designed for Serge range and includes Soltis mesh range. Serge surfaces are a great wipe clean
  • Ultramar cleaner – for breathable polyesters (WeatherMax, Elite9) and Acrylic canvas (sunbrella Sauleda). Acrylic has a loose, and the ‘fluffy’ weave cleans very easily. However, it decreases in strength as it becomes thinner. During the scrubbing, the fabric becomes thinner. Yet, Breathable polyesters have a perfect weave that does not lift out, which makes them harder to clean.

The Dos & Dont’s:

In their 50 years of experience in the locker, EYC has learned the key dos and dont’s when it comes to maintaining yacht furniture. Paul and Joe are now ready to share them with crew:

“When removing salt from the covers, a big focus should be the freshwater cleansing of zips. Press studs are a popular choice for fittings, and again, a freshwater flush is essential following drying. I recommend a light spray of Harken McLube for the spring. Staying on topic with press studs, be aware there are nickel and stainless steel types and also, hard and soft spring versions. The hard springs are the purpose for fittings that are under either more load or windage space – if your cover maker doesn’t ask you – make sure you’re advised on what type your feel should be used and where.”

“Stowing the covers can be a factor that’s easily overlooked. For example, let’s use Stamoid ‘Top’ or Sunbrella; if you continually fold these covers the same way and create crease lines, these will facilitate the fibers to break down. If possible, fold/ roll a different way, if the storage place allows.”

– Elite Yacht Covers Co-Founder Joe Peat.

Choosing the right yacht furniture will make you more sustainable.

If you’re in the Superyacht industry, you’ll know that over the past couple of years, shipyards, yacht builders, and marine supply companies have been striving for sustainability. Environmental concerns are becoming increasingly pertinent to shipyards in particular. With yacht builders, such as Lurssen, Feadship, and Heesen Yachts improving the eco-friendly image of Superyachts, EYC feels that it’s their mission to grow and support the sustainable efforts implemented within the industry. Thus, through research, the yacht cover specialists ensure they can provide vessels with the highest quality, eco-friendly yacht furnishings. Investing in a good set of covers will increase the lifespan of deck furniture.
Ultimately, benefiting the environment far more than having to replace the furniture after a couple of seasons.

Elite Yacht Covers made it a priority to provide captains and crew with the option of using recyclable products. One of which is the Serge products mentioned above. Moreover, the Tenara thread by W.H.gore is an EPTFE thread. This is their biggest weapon and standard for their Med and Caribbean yachts. Tenara comes with a 15-year warranty against UV failure! Great news for crew, as this means the covers will never need unsightly oversewing after four+ plus seasons. By doing so, the requirement to ship their yacht covers to and from the yacht is no longer, reducing the carbon footprint and extending the life-cycle of the vessel cover.

What are Elite Yacht Covers’ turnaround times? 

So, after learning about preventing damage to yacht furniture with EYC, Captains and crew will be eager to learn more about EYC’s turnaround times ahead of replacing their yachts covers after the season. 

“We generally run with a 12-14 week lead time for delivery. Thus, we try and promote early contacts, remove way before the end of the season – this form of education works exceptionally well, as we have spring slots filling up nicely. As a company, this allows for better strategic planning.” – Paul Gray

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