Provisioning as a superyacht chief stew can be challenging at the best of times thus it would be an understatement to say that planning is a vital part of your role onboard.

When it comes to preparing for a guest visit, superyacht chief stew’s and chefs face some significant challenges when provisioning because of the geographical nature of the business. You could be in the French Riviera with a bounty of beautiful, fresh, and high-quality produce one minute and then cruising to a remote island the next. Using an experienced Superyacht provisioning company, like Monaco-based Maison Del Gusto (MDG) can make your life a lot easier.

We teamed up with Elisabetta, founder of MDG, who has helped us put together some top tips for the chief stewardess on board when it comes to provisioning. We also asked her what Maison Del Gusto does to support and work with superyacht chief stew’s taking away the stress of provisioning allowing them to focus more of their time and energy on producing outstanding service for their guests.

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Be Organised.

Provisioning takes up a lot of time, and with a change of guests, seasons, and itineraries, you can never know for sure exactly what you are going to need. To manage your time efficiently and ensure nothing, is missed it is best to create lists. Yes, the chief stews best friend; we suggest a list for crew items and a list for guest items.

Elisabetta comments:

“We like to build a relationship with the chief stews so we can really adapt to their needs and make their job easier . MDG created a list priced by categories and themes to help chief stews – with product images when we can. Our clients get really excited as they really see the opportunity to make a difference for chief stews, ease their workload and show that there is a knowledgeable team working with them”

No list? Don’t panic! If you don’t have one ahead of time, Maison Del Guto has you covered. After years of building solid relationships with chief stews and interior managers, they understand the needs of superyacht owners and crew. They have created ready-made lists of products they know you will need to stock up on before your trip. All you will need to do is tailor it to your guest and crew preferences.


You are provisioning for the rich & famous a supermarket shop is just not going to cut it. You are looking for the best of the best produce and products. Individually wrapped chocolates, fresh, plump organic peaches, or black detox water, you name it, a superyacht provisioner is there to find it.

Superyacht provisioning companies take the stress of finding high-end produce out of your hands. Chief Stew’s don’t have time to source or try the latest and best products on the market. When using a provisioning company, or, as Maison Del Gusto prefers, a Gourmet Selector, you can be confident that you will receive the highest quality of exactly what you need when you need it.

Anya, Former Chief stew working with Maison del Gusto comments:

“Our niche international selection is unique and impressive. Its not possible to source our produce from a local shop, for example. Or, individual drop shipping will simply make it too expensive. On average, a chief Stew order is put together thanks to the work of approximately 60 small producers, farmers and growers. Its very exciting also because its an opportunity for this industry to give something back. Not to mention, each item of produce has a unique story to tell”.

 Know your produce.

We all know the feeling well when the guest asks you where you found those delicious berries and what brand those chocolates are. A good Superyacht provisioner will know and understand the questions chief stews often face and will always be on hand to answer any questions that may arise.

“Our relationship with the chief stew doesn’t end once we have delivered the goods. There are lots of preparation and product presentations sent to the chief stews mostly at the beginning of the season. Tastings are organized on board or on site MDG premises to explain the new products and usages..” Elisabetta comments.

Maison Del Gustos 5 tips to make provisioning easy as a superyacht Chief Stew:

  1. Have a list ready, one for Guests and one for Crew
  2. Know your products
  3. Make sure you know what to expect in terms of quantities and budget → we guide CS throughout every step and made budget control easy for them
  4. Expect the unexpected: yachting is full of surprises and we understand that!
  5. Ensure a smooth delivery: provide a clear delivery not and brief your team so delivery is easy, and products go to the right place onboard!

Provisioning as a Superyacht Chief Stew

For more information on Maison Del Gusto, click here. Looking for inspiration in Monaco, follow them @mdg_yacht_provisioning. To find out their latest news, follow them on Facebook @maisondelgusto.

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