For interior crew members who want to take their service skills to the next level, mastering the nuances of presenting and serving wine with finesse is a good place to start, and arguably a neverending journey of knowledge. Even understanding the basics of wine service can help to improve your confidence, and in turn, the guest experience onboard your yacht. Here, we break down some basic pointers to get you started in the world of Superyacht wine service.

Knowledge Is Key

The foundation of excellent wine service is knowledge. This includes understanding different wine regions, grape varieties, production methods, and, crucially, the specific selection available onboard. There are various levels of wine courses you can embark upon to improve your knowledge, the WSET (Wine and Spirit Education Trust) courses are popular and internationally recognised.

Proper Storage & Handling

A good understanding of the yacht’s wine cellar is essential; knowing the inventory inside out enables crew members to make informed recommendations and descriptions to guests. The crew should pay meticulous attention to the cellar’s conditions to guarantee that each bottle is served at its best and maintain the perfect temperature, humidity, and stability to ensure the preservation of the wine.

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Presentation & Decanting

There are certain practices that are deemed as correct when presenting a bottle of wine, such as displaying the label towards the guests when you pour and allowing for tasting, etc.
Understanding the art of decanting is also crucial, as this allows the wine to breathe, but it is not always essential. Practice decanting the wine before the season starts so that all service crew are familiar with the process as dome decanters can be tricky to handle and pour from.

Perfecting The Pour

The technique of pouring wine also requires some skill, especially onboard a moving Superyacht.
It can be intimidating to handle a rare and expensive bottle of guest wine, the fear of spilling will definitely come into play here! But if you follow some basics, you are sure to succeed…

See below to see the basic steps of wine pouring according to

There are several elements to understanding the art of superyacht wine service

Pairing Expertise

Pairing wine with certain dishes is an art in itself. The service crew should possess a basic understanding of how different wines complement various dishes, this goes way beyond white wine with fish and red wine with meat. Work closely with the chef to plan in advance which wine to serve with each dish and communicate with guests to gain a better understanding of their preferences.

Interior crew members play a pivotal role in creating a seamless and unforgettable experience for guests. Mastering the art of Superyacht wine service not only elevates the onboard experience but also reflects the dedication to providing unparalleled luxury and sophistication aboard a Superyacht.

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