As Yacht Crew, we are always coming up with new ways to wow and impress our guests, making their time onboard an unforgettable experience every time they visit. In the world of Superyachts, luxury is the name of the game, and what could be more luxurious than a bespoke fragrance, totally unique to your vessel? Enter Venetian Master Perfumer (VMP). The company was founded in 2014 by owners Elena Predonzan and Ian Gardam, in collaboration with the well respected and experienced Italian ‘Master Perfumer’ Lorenzo Dante Ferro.

Venetian Master Perfumer have a unique vision when it comes to how their fragrances will be experienced onboard, aspiring to create fragrances that evoke memories and inspire relaxation. VMP share with us here some insights into their world of luxury fragrances and their journey from Venetian Gondolas to Superyachts.

SYC: What are the origins of the company? Where did the fragrance journey all begin?  

VMP: We first met Lorenzo Dante Ferro in his Creative Perfume Studio during our Christmas travels of 2013 to Italy. Our first encounter proved to be so inspiring that we promised to return in Spring to explore creating a new form of collaboration.  

We kept our promise and in June 2014, our company Venetian Master Perfumer Ltd. was founded in the U.K. We felt certain that under the strict guidance and professional expertise of Lorenzo Dante Ferro we could move forward with confidence in our quest to discover what was for us, the artistic world of perfumes, underlined by his personal philosophy.  

This new journey however, required a means of travel and to assist us Lorenzo promptly created the Venetian Master Perfume gondola which was a magical work of synergy as the prow or bow iron of the gondola is known as the “Ferro”. This slow-moving, elegant means of navigation, dating back to the 11th century, is still a means of exclusive travel in Venice. The sleek silhouette of the gondola cuts quietly through the waters of the laguna with grace.

SYC: What kind of projects has the company taken on so far?

VMP: Our first priority of course, was to give people – during special occasions, located in unique settings – the opportunity to try LDF’s personal perfumes directly on their skin and his ambiance perfumes as they decanted directly in the air. In this way, we were able to guide them personally in learning how to correctly evaluate and appreciate the unique beauty of Lorenzo Dante Ferro’s natural fragrances. 

SYC: How can fragrance change or enhance the experience in a space?

VMP: LDF taught us that ambiance fragrances ‘perfume’ the space between people. He created his unique concept of ‘Profumi d’Ambiente’ in 1985 to heighten the sensorial perception of surrounding landscapes and help one recall olfactive memories of distant places. These could be, for example, the perfumes of Italian citrus, Spring flowers or the brisk fragrances of the sea or mountains.

The radiant and natural aura of these ambiance perfumes provide olfactive focal points that are invisible and interactive, accompanying every person in your home or on your yacht on a sensorial voyage wherever and whenever you desire. So much pleasure can be derived from planning a personal trip “Around the World in 80 Seconds” with the ambiance perfumes by making your fragrance selections based on the geographical locations and countries you wish to visit and experience. 

Lorenzo Dante Venetian Master Perfumers

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SYC: In your opinion, what is the most important thing to consider when  choosing a fragrance?  

VMP: LDF’s perfumes must strike a chord first in your heart, and then on the skin. In this way, it is certain to radiate and develop for hours in a manner that is uniquely yours.

The selection of Lorenzo Dante Ferro’s ambiance perfumes may be considered as an invisible form of architectural and set design that allows one’s imagination to run freely but is believable when paired expertly with a specific décor. This is especially possible with the natural spray form allowing you to change the fragrance to coordinate with a themed dinner party, change of season or even with the weather!

“Venetian Master Perfumer’s greatest desire is to give back to the modern voyagers of today’s original and exclusive Italian perfumes”

SYC: What do you want to bring to the Superyacht industry in terms of fragrance?  

VMP: Venice was a flourishing and prosperous centre for the trade and commerce of precious spices, fragrant oils and resins brought back by navigators and explorers returning from voyages in distant lands. Venetian Master Perfumer’s greatest desire is to give back to the modern voyagers of today original and exclusive Italian perfumes.

SYC: Which type of products are most ideal for use onboard Superyachts?  

VMP: We would first suggest the creation of a Bespoke personal fragrance for your Superyacht as an additional form of christening. Your guests would memorise the many notes of the original fragrance for an unbelievably unique seafaring experience. 

SYC: What is your vision of Venetian Master Perfumer onboard?  

VMP: There is a specific protocol that we have followed from the onset; namely we start from the very beginning by suggesting the following: The creation of a Lorenzo Dante Ferro Bespoke personal perfume for a Superyacht. This sets the tone and the quality of a new form of luxurious enjoyment for your guests by giving them a fragrance that cannot be purchased anywhere in the world.  

We would follow this by suggesting the creation of a small collection of Bespoke ambiance perfumes that enhance the colours of the Superyacht’s stunning interiors, while always harmonising with the sea. These are the true Seafaring Fragrances that we take pleasure in creating.  

Finally, the creation of a ‘Custom Cabin Cosmetic Amenity’ line. This would be the premier line extension of the Bespoke personal fragrance that offers guests onboard new ways to experience the fragrance in different forms for their daily personal care and unique olfactive well-being.

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