Ever wondered what it’s like to do an Atlantic Crossing as a crew member onboard a Superyacht? How does your frame of mind alter after your fifth, or even tenth day at sea, with only miles and miles of ocean surrounding you? Ever questioned what a typical day at sea looks like for each department? Or how to keep yourself busy and sane for 12 whole days in the middle of the ocean?

In this Transatlantic travel diary, Yacht Stewardess Alessia Oricchio gives us an insight into the experience of crossing from Antigua to Gibraltar as an interior crew member. Let’s see how she stayed busy and how she dealt with some tumultuous weather and early morning watches along the way…

Photo By Alessia Marietti

Day 1

12 pm departure from Antigua. A bittersweet feeling to be departing the Caribbean. Antigua was a very special place and always will be – grateful that we spent so much time off there and got to explore the island.
Ciao to the Caribbean, thank you for welcoming us and for making my first season across the pond so memorable.
As we left Falmouth, a thunderstorm hit as drills were completed and we were underway. I’ve got the graveyard watch 2-6 am then 2-6 pm.
First evening was a tough one to get into routine. Swell is apparent and it is very choppy, currently getting my sea legs back.

Day 2

Photo By Alessia Marietti
Sleep is still broken, routine is not there. Missing working out. My goal within the next few days is to settle back into a routine. I’m the only interior crew doing the crossing so during my daylight watch I’m keeping crew areas clean and tidy, doing laundry, and the Captain’s cabin.
Yacht rating in progress. 30 minutes of hand steering the vessel today complete. I learnt the clove hitch, sheet bend, double sheet bend, and bowline.

Day 3

Photo By Alessia Marietti
Completed some more knot training, did some ironing and felt nauseous. Our laundry is dark and has no air… feeling better today though.

Day 4

Seas are calmer, finally did a workout – only 15 mins though. We had sushi for lunch!

Day 5

It’s interesting how you don’t see many crew around during an Atlantic Crossing. There’s eleven of us doing the crossing: three Engineers, two Officers, Captain, Chef, me, and two Deckhands. It’s because of our watches that the boat is so quiet. It’s a little bit eerie. I definitely get scared when doing my rounds at night. What a wimp, I know.
The sea state is unbelievably glassy, the moon was out, and I saw a shooting star.

Day 6

Photo By Alessia Marietti
I made a flourless healthy banana bread today with pistachios dark chocolate and black berries. It was delicious! Getting back on the pilates train, my favourite form of working out. Makes me feel so energetic and amazing after.

Day 7

I stayed up after my watch, made a Matcha latte, got into workout gear, and watched the sunrise. Was actually beautiful. I had a peaceful and productive morning, so let’s see if I stay awake until my next shift, or if I’m due another nap.

Day 8

Photo By Alessia Marietti

Weather has picked up. Lots of slamming on the bow. I finished Daisy Jones and the Six and cried at the end? Not like me to get so involved in a show.

Day 9

Three and a half hours of hand steering down, one and a half to go, and were two days out of Gibraltar. I haven’t worked out. Weather still not the prettiest, cold, gloomy, and high swells. But I’ve been addicted to this green smoothie:
  • 1 Celery Stalk
  • Handful of frozen mango
  • Handful of frozen spinach
  • Pure coconut water
  • 1 teaspoon of matcha
  • 1 scoop of collagen ( I use ARMRA Colostrum)
  • Lime Juice
  • Chia seeds
Blend! Yummy!

Day 10

Navigation on an Atlantic Crossing
Photo By Alessia Marietti
We’re two days out and I am so keen to have some land time!

Day 11

Hand steering on an Atlantic Crossing
Photo By Alessia Marietti
I completed the five hours of hand steering the boat. Woop! I actually have really enjoyed the Atlantic Crossing, I always do. In my downtime I can have time for myself and my love, self care and reset down time. It’s nice to get into a routine. We arrive tomorrow.

Day 12

Arrival into Palma on the Atlantic Crossing
Photo By Alessia Marietti
Arrival into the bunkering station at Gibraltar! I steered the boat through pilotage waters for 1 hour and took us through the north entrance. Bunkering commences. Tomorrow is a half day followed by a day off.
3204 miles completed.
After two days of shopping, (lots of) walking, and enjoying some land time, we’re off to Palma. After one and a half days I am back in the land of sangria and tapas.
3662 nautical miles later the transatlantic passage from Antigua – Gibraltar – Palma de Mallorca has come to an end.
Thanks for coming along and reading through the pretty relaxing crossing diary of my second Atlantic Crossing.

For more from Alessia, follow her Stewardess Instagram account for Tablescapes and Cocktail inspiration: @thestewtable

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