Our monthly Galley Crumbs blog is back, courtesy of Montclair Chef, the largest network of Superyacht chefs in the industry. Experienced Superyacht chef Chris Demaillet is here with how to create a charter menu in 5 steps and 5 min using AI. Imagine a kitchen sidekick that never takes a sick day, holds an encyclopedic knowledge of cuisines from around the world, and can remember your guests’ food preferences quicker than you can say “mise en place.” 

While AI and ChatGPT are buzzwords in the press, did you know that as chefs, particularly as superyacht chefs, you can use these tools to craft fast menus for even the most demanding owners or charter guests? That’s right – an AI sous-chef transforming your superyacht galley, granting you an extra hour of sleep!

You’re probably wondering: “How can this be, and where can I get this AI sous-chef?” Read on, and I’ll explain.

Yacht Chefs are using ChatGPT
AI-generated image courtesy of Chris. Relax, robots aren’t after your job (yet)!

“How Can ChatGPT Boost My Productivity?”

Now, you may think, “How does ChatGPT boost my kitchen productivity, knowing full well my laptop won’t bake my gluten-free muffins for the guests (not yet, at least)?” While it won’t peel a carrot or make fajitas for the crew, it’s a genius at whipping up innovative menus in record time!

This isn’t just any recipe bot; it’s a sophisticated language model tailored to create custom menus, considering allergies, dietary needs, and even your guests’ unique taste quirks. Fancy a hint of Gordon Ramsay’s genius or Noma’s creativity in your dishes? ChatGPT can infuse your menus with elements from any culinary icon or eatery you admire. And if your guests want low-carb options or detest garlic, ChatGPT has you covered.

Here’s The Secret To A Tailored Menu In 4 Steps & Under 5 Minutes

To use this hack, you’ll need ChatGPT Plus (GPT-4), which costs less than 25€ a month – a worthwhile investment, in my opinion and if you are a yacht chef, you can afford it!

  1. Subscribe to ChatGPT Plus and log in.
  2. Access the ChatGPT “PDF reader” here: https://chat.openai.com/g/g-QSh6KHL3S-pdf-reader (If there’s a hiccup, simply find a free PDF reader in the ChatGPT store).
  3. Use the paperclip icon to upload your old PDF menu from your computer. You can also upload a long list of menus you’ve crafted for previous guests, all in one PDF. This helps the AI craft bespoke menus based on your unique culinary style and past creations.
  4. Modify the following prompt to suit your specific needs – change the duration, guest count, dietary preferences, dislikes, favorite chefs, or any special requests. Copy & paste in ChatGPT’s text box and hit “Enter”.
Yacht Chefs are using ChatGPT
AI-generated image courtesy of Chris. You can relax now…

My Magic Prompt

“Craft a 7-day modern menu for 12 guests favoring nutritious, vegan, and gluten-free cooked breakfasts. Include a buffet-style lunch with 5-6 dishes, a light dessert, two options of hand-held canapés each evening, and a three-course plated dinner low in carbs and high in protein. Cater to guests avoiding garlic or Indian flavors. Draw inspiration from the provided PDF menus and include dishes influenced by Chef Ottolenghi, with one dinner inspired by Chef Nobu.”

Step 5 is complete. Voilà! 

You now have a 7-day menu tailored to your guests and based on their dietary requirements, allergies, and food preferences. Of course, it’s essential to review it and make any necessary adjustments before printing and giving it to the chief stew to present to your charter guests. This AI-powered tool provides you with a head start on menu creation and is an incredible aid in making your chef’s life easier, but please, make sure to read and correct the results.

Saving Time

This tool can save you time if and when used right. It’s not perfect, but it makes you more efficient. The AI’s menu is a good starting point for your next 7-day charter, mixing your past menus into a draft you can quickly work on to get the perfect menu. But you’ll still need to cook – I’d say, keep your sous chef for now.

You’re welcome. Happy prompting, chefs!

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