By adhering to cheese etiquette guidelines, superyacht crew can elevate their cheese service to new heights! Whether entertaining guests or enjoying a quiet evening onboard, mastering the art of cheese storage and service ensures a memorable culinary experience for your guests.

Top 10 Tips For Treating Cheese Right

  1. Serve Cheese at Room Temperature: Whether it’s a soft, creamy brie or a firm aged cheddar, you should serve all cheeses at room temperature. This allows the flavors to fully develop and ensures a more enjoyable tasting experience.
  2. Avoid Refrigerating Unwrapped Cheese: Once cheese has been unwrapped or partially exposed, avoid returning it to the refrigerator. Doing so can lead to moisture loss which results in a dry, flavourless cheese.
  3. Opt for Breathable Wrapping: Instead of using plastic wrap, opt for porous materials like cheese paper or parchment paper to wrap your cheese. This allows the cheese to breathe and maintain optimal moisture levels.
  4. Store Fresh Mozzarella Properly: While fresh mozzarella is best enjoyed the same day it’s made, if you need to refrigerate it, be sure to follow proper storage techniques to prevent texture changes.
  5. Refrain from Freezing Fresh Cheese: Freezing high-moisture cheeses like fresh mozzarella can alter their texture and flavour. It’s best to avoid freezing fresh cheese whenever possible.
  6. Preserve the Wedge: When serving cheese, maintain the wedge by slicing along the edge rather than cutting off the tip. This ensures that each slice captures the full range of flavors present in the cheese.
  7. Respect the Rind: For bloomy-rind cheeses like brie, avoid removing the rind before serving. The rind should be enjoyed along with the creamy interior.
  8. Grate Cheese Fresh: Pre-grated or crumbled cheese may lose its flavour and texture over time. Grate cheese fresh as needed for the best taste and quality.
  9. Use Clean Utensils: When serving a cheese platter, provide separate utensils for each cheese to prevent flavour contamination. Using clean utensils ensure that each cheese maintains its unique characteristics.
  10. Minimize Waste: Make the most of leftover cheese by incorporating it into various dishes. From quiches to pasta dishes, there are endless possibilities for repurposing cheese remnants.

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