With gadgets and equipment developing every year, we’ve taken the time to update you on the latest Superyacht galley equipment. Professional chefs don’t bat an eye when you ask them which tools and equipment they’d choose – they know exactly what is an absolute must, and what is a definite no-go.

The following are some of the top galley equipment choices and recommendations from Superyacht chefs:

1. Thermomix 

Superyacht Galley Equipment - Thermomix

The Thermomix is every chef’s dream piece of equipment! Combining the functions of more than twelve food appliances in one device, it has the ability to weigh, mix, chop, mill, knead, blend, steam, cook, beat, precisely heat, stir and emulsify. Whether you’re cooking for charter guests or spoiling the crew, this machine is the one for you. The spectrum ranges from simply boiling eggs and making the dreamiest salad dressings and dips to pesto, steamed fish, risotto, liqueur, or even ice cream.

2. Pacojet

Superyacht Chef Galley Equipment - Pacojet

The Pacojet is a must-have piece of modern equipment for cooking on board. The appliance uses micro-pureeing of fresh, deep-frozen ingredients under overpressure to produce velvety-smooth mousses, soups, farces, sauces, and ice creams. In addition, with options to chop, cut, or mix fresh, non-frozen foods without heat transfer, this is a vital tool to save you valuable time.

3. Joule Sous Vide 

Looking for a smaller, more compact appliance that you can take onto any boat? This small device heats water to precise temperatures to cook meat and other food evenly for the exact timing you require. It does this by using the increasingly popular cooking technique known as sous vide. The sous vide is controlled by a companion smartphone recipe app for iPhone and Android. Talk about luxury kitchen equipment…

4. Braun – Multiquick 5 Vario 21-Speed Hand Blender – Black

Superyacht galley equipment -Braun - Multiquick 5 Vario 21-Speed Hand Blender

Reaches deep into pots, pitchers, and bowls to quickly purée or blend ingredients. Offering customisable functionality and 21 speeds for versatile use, this state-of-the-art hand blender allows you to change your mixture’s consistency by controlling the blade speeds.

5. Breville – The custom loaf 

Beville Custom loaf - Superyacht Galley Equipment

Are you looking for a bread maker that can store your recipes? Look no further. The custom loaf automatic programs include; gluten-free, yeast-free, crusty loaf, dough/pasta & jam. With an automatic fruit and nut dispenser, as well as a collapsable kneading blade, your guests won’t be able to get enough of your bread! Why not use Brevilles AR technology to realistically envision your Breville machine on the galley counter.

6. The Smoking Gun & Cloche by Sage

SAGE - The Smoking Gun - Cook

Create classic flavours with wood chips, or expand your culinary creativity by smoking with teas, spices, and dried flowers. Also, it’s ideal for cocktails and other drinks too! How about a Manhattan cocktail infused with cigar smoke? The Sage smoking gun is an example of luxury equipment at its finest. Your creativity is limitless with the Sage smoking gun.

So, now you’ve got all the essential Superyacht galley equipment, how about discovering how to get the most out of edible flowers in your galley?

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