As we move further into 2023, the world of Superyachts continues to evolve, with new and innovative technologies being developed to enhance the onboard experience. One area that has seen significant advancements is the galley, where state-of-the-art gadgets and appliances are constantly being introduced to simplify food preparation and improve culinary creativity. From top-of-the-range coffee machines to multi-functional cooking stations, 2023 superyacht galley tech and gadgets are pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Let’s explore the latest trends in Superyacht galley tech and gadgets for 2023…

1. Professional-grade ovens

Proffesional Grade Superyacht Ovens

Having professional-grade ovens in superyacht galleys in 2023 is crucial for providing guests with high-quality, fine-dining meals. These ovens are designed to handle the demands of cooking for large groups and can provide precise temperature control, ensuring dishes are cooked to perfection every time.

2. Combi-steam ovens:

Combi steam Ovens | Gourmet Range

Combi-steam ovens have become a staple in superyacht galleys due to their ability to cook food faster and more efficiently while maintaining nutritional value and taste. These ovens use a combination of steam and convection heat to provide precise and even cooking, making them ideal for creating gourmet dishes. In a fast-paced environment like a superyacht galley, where time is of the essence, combi-steam ovens can significantly reduce cooking time, allowing chefs to focus on other important tasks while still delivering top quality meals.

3. Teppanyaki grills

Superyacht Galley Tech and Gadgets In 2023 | Teppanyaki grill
Teppanyaki grills have gained popularity on Superyachts due to providing a unique and interactive dining experience for guests. These grills allow chefs to cook food at high temperatures, resulting in perfectly seared meats and seafood. The flat cooking surface also enables the chef to prepare a variety of dishes, from simple grilled vegetables to complex Japanese-style cuisine such as hibachi steak, teriyaki chicken, and shrimp tempura. With a Teppanyaki grill, a yacht chef can showcase their culinary skills and entertain guests with an exciting dining performance. The grill’s versatility also makes it an excellent addition.

4. Sous vide machines

Sous vide machines
An all time favourite amongst yacht chefs! Sous vide machines are popular in professional kitchens and on Superyachts due to their ability to produce consistent and high-quality meals with minimal effort.

5. Cold-pressed juicers

Cold-pressed juicer |Superyacht Galley Tech and Gadgets In 2023
With more Superyacht Guests becoming health-focused, cold-pressed juicers are becoming a popular galley gadget trend in 2023 due to their ability to extract the maximum amount of nutrients and flavour from fruits and vegetables. Unlike traditional juicers that use high-speed blades to chop and pulverise ingredients, cold-pressed juicers use a slow and gentle pressing process that minimises heat and oxidation. This process preserves the nutrients and enzymes in the juice, resulting in a more nutritious and flavourful drink. With an increasing focus on health and wellness, cold-pressed juicers have become a must-have gadget in superyacht galleys, where guests expect the best quality ingredients and culinary experiences.

6. Built-in espresso machines

Commerical built in coffee machines | Superyacht galley gadgets
Not a want, a need. A built-in coffee machine in a galley is a convenient tool for any superyacht as it allows crew to serve freshly brewed coffee to guests quickly and easily. With a built-in coffee machine, chefs can produce high volumes of coffee all day long, making it an ideal addition to a busy galley, Tiramisu and Espresso Martinis just got a whole lot easier to make!

7. Smart refrigerators

Smart refigeratorsThese refrigerators use technology to monitor and adjust temperature and humidity levels, and some can even alert the crew when items are running low. Smart refrigerators are becoming a trend in superyacht galleys as they offer numerous benefits to chefs. These refrigerators are equipped with advanced features such as built-in cameras, touchscreens, and Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing chefs to monitor and control the fridge’s contents remotely. With real-time access to the fridge’s inventory, chefs can track the availability of ingredients and reduce food waste, ensuring that they have the necessary ingredients on hand to prepare meals.

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