Throughout this series, we introduce you to World League of Agents (WLoA) and its members. A non-profit international Network. WLoA brings together yacht agents with long outstanding expertise from across the globe, each committed to providing exceptional service, and well-known for their expertise and know-how.

As a consequence of the good service delivered locally, these agents were often requested to give referrals in other locations for agents who provide the same quality of service. Its founders recognised that it was necessary for agents to unite and agree to a standard service. WLoA members are located in all popular yachting hubs such as Spain, Greece, France, Monaco, Italy, Croatia, Turkey, Malta, The UK & Ireland, The US, The Caribbean, and many more.

In this article, we feature WLoA member American Yacht Agents (AYA), the US-based yacht agency. Founded in 2015, American Yacht Agents have joined forces with WLoA in order to maintain their excellent level of service and to further expand their reach. Read on to learn more about their services and background as an agency.

About American Yacht Agents

“As captains ourselves, our goal is to simplify the lives of captains and crews visiting the U.S.”

Based in Fort Lauderdale, Southern Florida, American Yacht Agents was set up by ex-Yacht Captain Debora Radtke who brings a unique perspective to the services that the company provides to their Superyacht clients because of her experience working onboard. AYA states that: “As captains ourselves, our goal is to simplify the lives of captains and crews visiting the U.S.”. AYA have a team of experts who are on hand to guide clients through the entirety of the US East Coast and further to The Great Lakes.

Speaking on why they decided to join the World League of Agents, Radtke explains that it was their unified approach to service and the continuation of friendly support that propelled her to join the network:

“WLOA is a group of like-minded agents that wish to provide the best possible service to their clients by collaborating with the agents in the vessel’s next port of call.”

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Captain Debora Radtke, AYA Founder

Their Services

American Yacht Agents are a full-service agency offering a wide range of services, including but not limited to:

– Customs and Immigration
– Dock Reservation
– Air Charter
– Office Assistant
– Fuel & Waste Management
– Banking
– Executive Transport
– Freight Forwarding

And many more!

To learn more about World League of Agents and all of their member’s destinations globally, visit their website.

To learn more about American Yacht agents, visit their website. 

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