In the busy and demanding world of Superyacht charters, it’s essential to have a network of reliable support services that yacht crew can fall back on. This is where the Association of Yacht Support Services (AYSS) comes into play. AYSS is a global organisation that brings together a diverse group of professionals dedicated to serving the needs of Superyacht owners and crew. One of the standout features of the updated AYSS website is the AYSS Members Map – a tool that helps navigate the world of Superyacht support and shows the locations of each member.

AYSS: A Global Network of Superyacht Experts

AYSS was founded in 1991 with the mission of providing Superyachts with access to top-notch services, wherever they may be in the world. This organisation comprises a carefully selected group of member companies, each of which specialises in various aspects of Superyacht support, from provisioning and technical assistance to shore excursions and crew placement.

The real strength of AYSS lies in its Global network. With 61 members in 45 countries, AYSS offers an unparalleled global reach. This means that Superyacht owners and captains can rely on AYSS to connect them with trusted service providers no matter where their voyages take them. Whether a yacht is cruising in the Mediterranean, exploring the Caribbean, or sailing the South Pacific, AYSS members are ready to assist.

The AYSS Members Map

The AYSS Members Map
The AYSS Map of Agents

The AYSS Member’s Map is a user-friendly and interactive tool that provides crucial information on AYSS members’ locations and services. This map serves as a valuable resource for Superyacht professionals, offering a convenient way to access a wide range of support services.

Key Features of the Member’s Map:

  1. Global Reach: The map displays AYSS member companies across the world. Superyacht owners and captains can quickly identify service providers in their current location or plan ahead for future destinations.
  2. Service Categories: AYSS members are categorized by the services they offer. Whether you need technical support, provisioning, refit and repair, or any other assistance, the map allows you to filter and find the right professionals for the job.
  3. Contact Information: Detailed profiles for each member company include contact information, making it easy to get in touch and arrange services.
  4. Reviews and Ratings: Users can leave reviews and ratings for AYSS member companies via their survey, providing valuable feedback to ensure the quality of services remains high.

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Navigating the World of Superyacht Support

The Superyacht industry demands the highest standards of service, and AYSS is dedicated to meeting those standards. By using the AYSS Members Map, Superyacht owners and captains can effortlessly navigate the world of Superyacht support and access a network of reputable and reliable professionals.

Whether arranging a last-minute repair in a remote location, sourcing the finest gourmet ingredients, or securing the perfect shore excursion, AYSS members are there to make it happen.

Benefits For Member Agents

In order to ensure that Captains, Owners and Yacht managers receive the absolute highest degree of service from their Superyacht agents, AYSS conducts a thorough vetting process for any of their member agents. AYSS has strict criteria that its agents must meet in order to become a part of the AYSS network.

Each agent must prove a minimum of 2 years of business operations and 3 sets of recommendations from Captains, Industry members and also from fellow AYSS members. Recommendations are then updated every 5 years.

Membership Advantages Include:

  • Demonstrating your professional excellence within the industry, which in turn makes you the obvious choice for customers
  • Entering a community of like-minded professional agents
  • Regular representation at superyacht shows and events across the world
  • Professional online social media marketing of your company under the AYSS brand
  • Blog articles focussing on your company and shared within the online superyacht media
  • Access to reliable information about other jurisdictions
  • One hour of free consultation with our valuable and highly-renowned associate-member lawyer, Benjamin Maltby
  • Support and advice from fellow members if/when needed

If you are a yacht agency seeking more information about applying for an AYSS membership, please fill in the AYSS contact form.

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