Throughout this series, we introduce you to World League of Agents (WLoA) and their members. A non-profit international Network. WLoA brings together yacht agents with long outstanding expertise from across the globe, each committed to providing exceptional service and well-known for their expertise and know-how.

As a consequence of the good service delivered locally, these agents were often requested to give referrals in other locations for agents who provide the same quality of service. Its founders recognised that it was necessary for agents to unite and compromise to a standard service. WLoA members are located in all popular yachting hubs such as Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, Croatia, Turkey, Malta, The UK & Ireland, The US, The Caribbean, and many more.

360º Yachting partnered with World League of Agents

This month, the spotlight is on 360º Yachting, the award-winning Superyacht agency based in Turkey. Set up by managing director, Onur Ozgey, 360º Yachting is dedicated to taking Turkish yachting services ‘to the next level’. As a member of the World League of Agents network, the agency has committed to expanding their reach and further expanding their global network.

Read on to discover more about 360º Yachting and their services…

About 360º Yachting

360º Yachting are based in Turkey

Located in Gocek Fethiye, and covering the entire Turkish Coastline, the team at 360º Yachting pride themselves on providing world-class service from itinerary planning and pre-arrival preparations to provisioning, guided tours and transportation. With a team that collectively has several decades of experience, the agency is well-versed on the demands of the industry, and the fast-paced environment of the Superyacht industry.

Speaking of their decision to partner with World League of Agents, Onur Ozgey states that by joining the network, they are able to ensure that their clients receive exceptional support regardless of their location:

“360º Yachting joined the World League of Agents as, in this fast-paced and demanding industry, there are times when networking is necessary, and we need to work alongside and recommend yachting agencies based elsewhere. Service standards in the industry can differ, but the WLoA member companies represent the very best in the business, so we know we can rely on them to offer clients exceptional support, just as other members can expect from us in return.” – Onur Ozgey, Managing Director 360º Yachting

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Their Services

After years of operation in the yachting industry, 360º Yachting has perfected their range of services, which includes but is not limited to:

– Tailor Made Itineraries
– Reservations and Berths
– Provisions and Supplies
– Transfers and Travel Arrangements
– Tours and Excursions
– Flower Arrangements
– Event Planning and Assistance
– Technical Services and Support
– Yacht Clearances, Legalities and Formalities

To discover more about 360º Yachting and their services, visit their website.

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