Throughout this series, we introduce you to World League of Agents (WLoA) and its members. A non-profit international Network. WLoA brings together yacht agents with long outstanding expertise from across the globe, each committed to providing exceptional service, and well-known for their expertise and know-how.

As a consequence of the good service delivered locally, these agents were often requested to give referrals in other locations for agents who provide the same quality of service. Its founders recognised that it was necessary for agents to unite and compromise to a standard service. WLoA members are located in all popular yachting hubs such as Spain, Greece, France, Monaco, Italy, Croatia, Turkey, Malta, The UK & Ireland, The US, The Caribbean, and many more.

This month, we feature Superyacht Galápagos, the first Yacht agency in the Galápagos Islands. Operating since 1998, the agency now acts as the go-to service for any Superyacht visiting the area. In this article, we hear from the Founder and Director of the agency on why joining forces with World League of Agents helps to improve the service they offer to their clients.

About Superyacht Galápagos

A stunning and unique natural environment, the Galápagos Islands were famously visited by Charles Darwin, and still attract those who seek encounters with the various types of wildlife that roam free there.

Located in the ports of the Galápagos Islands, as well as Manta in Ecuador, Superyacht Galápagos were the first to create a legal framework around the visits of yachts and sailing boats to this unique area of the world. In order to ensure that the more frequent visits of tourists contributed to the local economy, certain processes were put into place: “We were part of structuring the payment systems, monitoring, inspections, itinerary procedures, naturalist guides and standards, a whole developed system that allows your visit to take place smoothly, also allowing similar agencies to operate.”

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“How did we choose to be part of this big network? Due to the enthusiasm and passion for what we do, caring about our reputation and sustaining our recommendations”

Joining a Superyacht Agents’ Network means that agencies can strengthen the level of service that they offer their clients on an International basis. Ricardo Arenas, Superyacht Galápagos Founder and Director, echoes this sentiment by stating that:

“I decided to be part of the WLOA as they are a globally experienced group of professionals that have the same values and ideals that seek excellence and client satisfaction.

More than an association, the WLOA is a strong network in the yachting industry that grows forces with each destination, relationships, understanding, and clients that cross-sectionally continue to offer personalised treatment to Yachts, Owners, Captains, Ships and Crew.”

“Who wins: The Motor Yachts and Sailing Yachts handled by us!”

– Ricardo Arenas, Founder and Director of Superyacht Galápagos

Superyacht Galápagos services include but are not limited to:

– Cruising Entry Permits
– Itinerary Planning
– Galápagos Fuel Service
– Dive & Land Tours
– Provisions
– Tax and Paperwork Assistance
– Logistics and General Assistance

Discover more about World League of Agents and their partners here.

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