With an aim to revolutionise marine cleaning practices, Sea Clean introduces the UK marine industry’s first and only specialist waterless cleaning solutions, each carefully crafted with gentle ingredients and responsibly packaged to minimise impact on the environment. In this article, we share an exclusive interview with the Sea Clean Team who talk about their goals for the future when it comes to the environment and Sea Clean’s place in it.

Why found Sea Clean? What inspired you to launch the business? 

We founded Sea Clean after experiencing first hand the need for more sustainable practices within the marine industry.

Our passion for the industry motivated us to embark on this journey and to promote making the better choices when possible.

What is your vision and future goals for Sea Clean? 

Our vision entails enhancing brand recognition for Sea Clean while not only supplying customers and businesses with our cleaners but also collaborations to promote sustainability and eco-friendliness.

Are Sea Clean products suitable for use on yachts and superyachts? 

Sea Clean offers a versatile range of five products tailored to meet various cleaning needs. Our solutions excel in cleaning dinghies, without the hassle of a hose and bucket, maintaining day boats during leisure time out at sea, and providing convenient touch-ups for superyachts and a solution to hose pipe bans when in restricted areas.

Additionally, Daily Wipedown effectively dissolves salt, ensuring effortless maintenance for yachts with a simple spray and wipe which is a perfect alternative to a rinse with a hose. Our Waterless wash range provides a deeper clean and wax at the same time leaving your yacht sparkling and protected from UV rays.

What does this waterless range do to right the wrongs that may be occurring in the industry? 

While acknowledging the effectiveness of many cleaning products available, we recognize the environmental drawbacks associated with some.

Sea Clean stands out in its ability to preserve yacht condition while minimizing environmental impact. Our waterless range significantly reduces water pollution and scarcity issues, offering an eco-friendly alternative that’s both effective and extremely convenient.

What are some facts that we should feel passionate about? 

One lesser-known concern is the lack of new major reservoirs constructed in the past three decades.

This, coupled with engineered river flows and housing development, causing floods and water shortages, highlights the urgent need for sustainable water management practices.

What makes Sea Clean so unique? 

Our waterless feature sets us apart in the market, providing users with innovative solutions that are both effective and environmentally conscious along with our commitment to setting up other projects to help sustain the marine industry.

A Bit More About Sea Clean’s Solutions

Why they’re good for you and the environment

  • Easy to use & time-saving: Simple and convenient application for effortless cleaning. Quicker than standard cleaning methods, saving you valuable time.
  • Environmental impact: Reduces water pollution, contributing to a cleaner environment.
  • Sustainable packaging: Packaged in recycled bottles, currently the best solution going.
  • Plastic cleanup initiative: Committed to cleaning up 10,000 bottles of plastic in their first year, with plans to increase this number.
  • Collaborative efforts: Working with stockists to offer unique collaboration ideas that promote sustainability.
  • Cost-saving: Saves marina bills by reducing water usage.
  • Versatile usage: Can be used anywhere, anytime, including at sea, in the marina, or on the dock.
  • Solution for water scarcity: With predicted hot years ahead and inevitable hosepipe bans, a waterless solution is a step forward.
  • Showroom management: You can use products in the showroom, which saves time and hassle moving boats.

Find Sea Clean on their website here: https://seaclean.uk/

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