Almost 90% of business cards are thrown away within the first week – more often than not, without the details even being input anywhere – that’s not good for business, and it’s not good for the planet. With everything else about our way of working having gone digital, is it time this paper-based platform of contact sharing was given a re-think?

In response to this seriously old school way of sharing contact details and expanding our networks, Superyacht Captain Matthew Baldizzone has launched SuperYachtIn – a superyacht-specific networking platform, designed to allow users to share a digital business card and expand their network in a safe and sustainable way.

SuperYachtIn allows digital contact sharing across devices

Matthew Baldizzone has 14 years’ yachting experience under his belt, working his way up from deckhand to Captain and today running a 65m superyacht. Knowing the time constraints involved with day-to-day operations and the need to have contact details instantly at hand, prompted him to create SuperYachtIn.

Besides the issues raised above, Baldizzone found that having business cards made on a regular basis for himself and other crew members, when contact details would inevitably change, was a waste of paper and time. Now, in the midst of a pandemic with the days of handshakes, hugs and high-fives long gone, SuperYachtIn has the potential to be a huge success in our new, socially distanced environment.

Baldizzone comments, “Many countries have done away with single-use plastic bags, and we think paper business cards should come next? I might be biased, but 42% of trees are harvested for paper – let’s save some wood, the planet needs us to. Contactless business cards will let you profile your business, your yacht, and your whole crew! Find work, offer work, rent your yacht – do it all and then some – in a sustainable way.”

Catering to the specific needs of super-yachting, the contactless cards are super-easy to create and are a convenient and quick way to share contact details on any device, with anyone. With users doing their bit by saving paper, SuperYachtIn goes a step further in its sustainable actions and supports the tree-planting programme One Tree Planted and global environmental initiative, 1% For The Planet.

Share contact details on email, by social media or by QR code

In addition to the contactless business cards, SuperYachtIn provides users the opportunity to create an enterprise page or profile – suitable for yachts, companies, groups and associations. Users can search for contacts and services by location, leave reviews, post and respond to job advertisements and connect with other professionals.

Did you know? Six million trees are cut down each year to make 10 billion business cards?!

With social distancing here for the foreseeable, shanking hands and distributing business cards is a big no-no in the Covid climate. SuperYachtIn encourages us to ditch the paper cards, clammy hands and power shakes for good, promoting a contact-free solution that’s simpler, quicker and makes the connection in a more hygienic way.

Getting started is easy:

Create a networking profile on SuperYachtIn

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