Air travel is a big part of life for many of us in the yachting industry – be it for business or pleasure, we spend a staggering amount of time on planes and in airports and, we are responsible for massive greenhouse gas emissions as a result.  The Covid-19 pandemic sent us cowering to our home offices and looking for alternative ways to connect – and for many, the array of communication and video-calling platforms available meant that business didn’t have to stop entirely.  BUT, can we extend this behaviour beyond the ‘new normal’ and make it the way of the future?

This enforced break in travel was a welcome one for Gym Marine’s founder and CEO Ed Thomas. The opportunity has given him a chance to reassess his business practices in general and, how his actions affect the planet.  There was overwhelming evidence for the positive environmental impact that various international lockdowns had, and a reduction in air travel is a big part of that.  For Ed Thomas, it’s something he intends to continue.

Working in partnership with Yacht Carbon Offset, Ed was able to offset his 10-tonne carbon footprint, generated by the 38 international flights he took in 2019.  The cost was a mere £95 – a small price to pay for shrinking one’s impact on this delicate little ball of blue and green that we call home.

Ed and his team intend to see how the number of flights can be reduced generally across their business operations, and will partner this with other carbon-footprint-reducing steps.

In a move to put this positive action on the agenda of other super-yachting CEOs, Gym Marine now challenge their industry colleagues and travel-mad friends to join them in the #GreenWingsChallenge.  How many miles of air travel can we offset?  Can we make it to the moon and back?

Anyone can take part, and there are just three simple steps to get involved:

1.  Go back through your diary for 2019 and make a list of all the flights you took
2.  Send the list to

3.  Our partner, Yacht Carbon Offset, will send you a quote for implementing and certifying the carbon offset measures from your flights.  Pay your bill, proudly display your certificate, and share your story.

DONE – it’s as simple as that.

Check out some stats from those who’ve already accepted
the challenge:  Yacht Carbon Offset logo

Green Wings Challenge participants
Of course, we’re a competitive bunch, so let’s see who’s got the dirtiest feet and who has to take the largest steps towards change.  We’ll keep a cumulative total running – let’s see how far we can go!
Visit The Green Wings Challenge for more details.  When you’ve got your certificate, why not share the stats online – tag @GymMarine in your Facebook or Instagram story and we’ll add you to our gallery of Green-Winged challengers!

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