The Mediterranean season is near, and for crew preparing for a busy season, we’re talking about the top 5 things that will help us keep sane this Med season.

Now more than ever it is important that as a crew we are looking after ourselves and each other, both physically and mentally during a busy Med season. Whether it be demanding guest requests, constantly changing itineraries, or provisioning nightmares, things easily build up, so here are the top 5 ways that will hopefully help prevent that seasonal burnout and keep us sane.

1. Keep Well

Whilst this is just as important when out of season, keeping well is even more so when you’re under increased pressure and stress. First, it is important to incorporate mindful movement into your day, whether a 20-minute stroll off the boat, a 40-minute HIIT workout, or even a 5-minute cabin stretch – this one is especially for the stews that are already getting in their 20,000 steps.

Nutrition is also key, especially when you’re busy as this can easily fall by the wayside and push you into the sugary energy drinks fridge and snack baskets. Fuelling your body with the good stuff will help you out big time with energy levels, although it can be hard when tiredness reaches a peak your body and mind will thank you.

The other magic bullet that your body will truly thank you for is quality sleep, it’s tough to get enough in on a trip but try your best and take every opportunity you can to rest. Although busy, you will have breaks, make the most of those, and spend them exactly how your body is asking you to.

@amelia80 Shooting hoops to keep well during her downtime

2. Re-connect

How many times have you scrolled through your WhatsApp messages whilst you are taking a quick break, thinking you must reply to them but either don’t have the time or mental capacity to do so. Connecting with those relationships off the boat is important and can help you switch off from the stresses onboard, it’s always good to speak to someone outside of your environment to gain a perspective that there is still life going on outside of your turndowns, wash downs and laundry loads.

As well as other people, it is important to check in with yourself. Take a few extra minutes each morning and evening to see how you are feeling and do your best to listen to that.

3. Plan & Priorities

Just because some guests may think that your life stops onboard, it doesn’t. There are things that you may have going on outside of the boat that will need your attention and a busy season shouldn’t hinder that.

First, planning is key. If you know you are going to be busier in certain weeks, get your life admin to-do list for that week done before. With onboard life, the best strategy is planning and prioritising. Evaluate daily what needs to be done and everything else that you achieve is then a bonus.

4. Look ahead

Yes, you may be held under mountains of laundry, continually setting your early alarm for wash downs, booking the next marina or juicing your 10,000th carrot, planning something to look forward to after this busy period is important as it can keep your focus in the tough moments.

Whether that be spending time somewhere with your significant other, having a fun break with friends or going completely off-grid and taking some ‘you’ time, whatever it may be make sure you have it planned and at the front of your mind when this busy season gets on top of you.

5. Share the load

The days may creep into 18-hour long ones but at least you aren’t enduring them alone, your crew are there to help and an excellent team can make those hours fly by. From helping you with the task at hand to simply making you laugh whilst you drink your morning coffee, having other crew members there is a blessing. Being kind to yourself and each other will ease the pressure of a busy season.

@ciarathekiwi – There is nothing quite like a strong crew to get you though a summer Med Season

To all the Med based crew out there, listen to the above top tip and good luck for the rest of the season! Stay Sane! You got this!

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Cover photo by Burgess Yachts

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