Working as interior crew isn’t always a luxury lifestyle… especially when you’re given the task to remove a red wine stain! For junior crew, we’re about to make your life on board a whole lot easier, and possibly even for those in senior positions. Ex Superyacht stewardess, Georgina Baum shares several yacht stain removal tips and tricks to help interior crew members gain those extra brownie points.

1. Candle wax

How to remove candle wax stains on board a Superyacht

Love candles but hate the end of night clear up? Place an ice cube on top of the wax stain and leave it for a few minutes. This will help to lift the wax stain and depending on the size of the wax you are trying to remove. You could also try a butter knife or bank card to get underneath the stain and pick it off.

2. Blood

Stain Removal Tips For Junior Interior Superyacht Crew - Blood Stains

We’ve all been there and removing blood stains from carpets, furniture or upholstery is never a fun task. However, if the blood stain is fresh on the fabric, grab an ice cube and rub it over the stain. Typically, this will help to lift the stain.

3. Stain Remover Wipes

Stain Removal Tips For Junior Interior Superyacht Crew - Clothing Tips

Every interior crews dream product – stain removal wipes. If you are out and about, always have some stain remover wipes in your bag. These are perfect and ideal for removing stains from clothing, whether that be a lipstick stain, food stain, mud, etc.

4. Wine on deck

yacht stain removal tips- Teak deck stains

It’s inevitable, drinks will get spilled on deck, and often a deckhand will not be able to attend to the scene until the guests have left the area. Did you know that if a guest spills, for instance, wine on the deck, the best thing to do is grab a bottle of sparkling water and pour it over the stain.

This will prevent the stain from soaking into the teak and then make it a whole lot easier for the deck team to rectify afterward.

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5. Dab, never rub!

Stain Removal Tips For Junior Interior Superyacht Crew

The golden rule when it comes to yacht stain removal tips! If you rub a stain this will lead to potential damage to the fabric, but not only that, rubbing can also cause the stain to embed. Ideally, dab it with some washing-up liquid, mixed with warm water, and watch the magic happen.

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6. Vinegar and water

Stain Removal Tips For Junior Interior Superyacht Crew - Glossy surfaces

Grab a spray bottle and add about a finger’s worth of white distilled vinegar (Make sure you label the bottle!). This is perfect for wiping glossy surfaces and mirrors. Unlike other products, it does not leave smears. Just make sure you spray and keep it well away from Marble, as it is high in acidity and will eat away at that beautiful marble if you’re not careful! As well as removing dull marks and fingerprints from glassware and cutlery, it is great for cleaning heads and stainless steel!

7. Sweat stains on white clothing

yacht stain removal tips - Clothing

Grab some lemons, fill a cleaning bottle halfway and top up the rest with water. Give it a good shake then spritz the underarms until the top is soaked. Gently rub the lemon juice into the fabric and the stain will start to lift. You can also add a little table salt, which will help make it easier to scrub. Before throwing it in the wash, pour a small amount of vinegar directly onto the stained area and rub it in.

8. Red Wine

Blood Stain Removal Tips For Junior Interior Superyacht Crew

Now of course it depends on what fabric/surfaces the stain has found itself on however I will say one thing, do not rush to the pantry to get the nearest cleaning product or stain removal spray!! If it is on something like the carpet or a sofa, then I suggest you get some warm water and a little dishwashing liquid and then apply it to the red wine stain. I like to cover the stain completely so it is wet, and then gently blot the area. It may take a few clean cloths and towels plus a little patience, but the stain should lift out eventually.

The last rule of thumb…

If you are unsure, always check with your chief stew. You will come across endless variations of surfaces and upholstery fabrics on board, which is mind-blowing at times to say the least! You will find a lot of chief stews and vessels have their own preferences for what they use on certain surfaces, so it’s always worth checking in beforehand. Not only that, your chief stew should actually take the time to show and explain stain removal tips to you as and when they arise, so never be afraid to ask!

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