Superyacht chef Jamie Tully and the owner of Culinary Genius Store has put together a complete guide to a gourmet Valentines Day menu

Superyacht chef Jamie Tully

Can you tell us a little about yourself, your journey as a yacht crew, and the yacht you are currently onboard?

My name is Jamie Tully, I am from a small town in Wales UK called Builth Wells. I’ve been cooking since I can remember and I guess I follow the whole cliché, baking with my father and visiting my grandmother on a Sunday with a spread of homemade cakes and scones. From a very young age, I knew I wanted to be a chef, but I knew I wanted to be amongst the best. From culinary school, I became fully qualified, went through the ranks of some well-recognized hotels and restaurants in the UK.

Where did your yachting career as Superyacht Chef begin?

When I was 12, I visited Monaco with my family. I found myself extremely driven by the countries wealth, money, and vibrance. I remember seeing a chef step off a 50m yacht. That’s when I knew being a Superyacht chef is what I wanted to do. On the same holiday, I sat in the Café De Paris with my family and ordered ice cream. Ten years later, I sat at the exact same table and ordered the same exact ice cream, but this time I was on my day off from my work as a chef on a 50m yacht. It was a very proud and rewarding moment for me.

Being a chef onboard yachts makes me proud to have chosen this career path. My love for food and cooking has allowed me to travel around the world, seeing things and places most people will never get the chance to see. I have met people from all over the world that I now call friends. Cooked with the most exquisite seafood, the most expensive and sought-after ingredients on the planet. And not forgetting, worked on some of the most luxurious yachts, ski chalets, and villas in the world. I’m only 28 years old and I’m just getting started.

Which Yacht are you currently aboard?

I am currently employed as head chef on a 40m charter yacht. The yacht has recently gone through a complete refit and is about to be relaunched as part of an incredible brand. At this stage, I cannot disclose the vessel’s name. However, I can say that I’m extremely proud to be part of the refit and I’m looking forward to being part of its future. There are some really big things to come…

Planning the perfect gourmet Valentines Day menu

Planning menus for special occasions is something exciting, it’s something to celebrate. Valentine’s day in particular is great because it’s what’s romance without indulgence? The world of fine-dining sits perfectly with Valentines’ Day.

The following is an example of a gourmet Valentines day menu I would serve a couple onboard a yacht in 2022:

Gourmet Valentines Day Menu - StartersGourmet Valentines day menu - Main dishesGourmet Valentines day menu - Desserts

If you were to be taken out, what would your ideal Valentines’ meal look like?

If someone took me out for Valentines Day, I would definitely want to go to Nobu. I love all Asian flavors and techniques, so this is my favorite restaurant. My favorite dishes are the Miso cod and the Squid spaghetti – Simply delicious.

Lastly, 3 Superyacht Chefs who have inspired you throughout your career?

Many Superyacht chefs inspire me and I’m pretty lucky to be well connected in the industry via social media. If I had to choose 3 It would be Chef Danny Davies, Chef Dean Harrison, and Chef Andrew Lichaa– all of these guys cook and produce beautiful plates of food. They really sum up what being a yacht chef is all about.

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