Variety, as they say is the spice of life! When you own a Superyacht and spend your summer in the Med and winter in the Caribbean maybe a change is just what you need.

When you say Variety what do you mean?

Exactly that. Somewhere different, a change, something new.

The Superyacht industry is VERY good at following the leader. So, when someone does something different everyone else realises they need a change…..

What does this change involve?

As much or as little as you like. Here are a few ideas;

  • Different locations
  • New marinas
  • Itineraries that take you somewhere you haven’t been
  • Events
  • Shore based activities
  • Secluded locations
  • Busy cities with Superyacht access

Or, as many discover. A little bit of everything.

We are being bombarded with information at the moment by a group in the UK intent on making sure we, and therefore you know EXACTLY what the UK offers. And, to be fair it is a pretty good example of variety at its best!


MGMT as you know if you read our news stories regularly are a prominent contributor to this site. They have taken it upon themselves to do something that a few have tried and failed to do in the past. Simply put, work with Superyacht companies based in the UK to promote the UK to visiting Superyachts. Simple?

They are working with and helping to represent everyone in the UK Superyacht industry. From Marinas, ports, port authorities, agents, provisioners and tour guides to shipyards, management companies, tax specialists and everyone in between.

“The UK offers an amazing variety of locations,” Says Mark Upton C.O.O of MGMT Group. “Not only that, but the things to do here vary as much as the locations themselves. We have everything from the best cities to the most remote islands all within easy reach of each other. You could be shopping in Mayfair and eating in Michelin star restaurants one day and staying in a medieval castle on a remote headland the next.”

About to boom!

The UK as a Superyacht destination is about to boom. We talked to a number of companies in the UK to hear their thoughts. “2021 at Gunwharf Quays has been an exceptional year for Superyacht business with nearly three times the enquiry levels compared to previous years, and visits well into double figures.” Mark Collings from Gunwharf Quays Marina in Portsmouth tells us. “We very much see demand for UK Superyacht berthing growing in 2022 and are planning our future around being in the best position to support demand as it grows”

Service is Key

It is indeed. And the UK has it by the bucket load. Here are some interesting statistics;

  • The UK has 2552 Michelin star restaurants
  • There are over 1500 Habitable castles in the UK!
  • The UK is home to 171 billionaires
  • In 2021 over 60 Superyachts visited the UK
  • There is over 10,000km of coastline in the UK
  • Ascot, Wimbledon, Henley, Goodwood, The British Open. All major UK sporting events.

All this means that Yacht owners and their guests coming to the UK will not only be very busy but also be very well looked after.

And when it’s time to getaway?

Because the UK is small but an interesting shape the coastline covers a huge distance. This means that when cruising in Scotland for example it is rare you will see another yacht. Even if you are only a couple of miles apart. So, when you have visited the cities, restaurants, museums, shops and events you can quite literally get away from it all to one of the most stunning and picturesque coastlines there is. BUT, still be close enough to get back to the city lights in a few hours.

Next time we look at some of the industry heavyweights based in the UK.

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