Superyacht AV/IT systems are evolving every year. For crews to stay on top of the latest trends, it’s important to partner with a company that is reliable and supportive, like Veritais AV/IT specialists. Before we learn about how Veritas works with Captains and crew, let’s take a look at the top 5 things to consider when upgrading your yacht’s AV/IT system.

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1. IT

Fast WiFi coverage with the latest hard & software is vital, and one of the most vital things to keep guests happy. Every time a new phone is about there will usually be a new technology of WiFi protocol embedded in the tablet or phone. If the yacht does not have this latest up-to-date hardware the guests/crews’ phones, and tablets, will most certainly underperform. This is so often dismissed and not budgeted for. However, it is extremely frustrating for both guests who are trying to use the systems, and engineers who have to explain and try to fix these issues.

2. A fast reliable internet connection

This is crucial for everyone onboard! It can be managed both from a financial aspect but more so technically, dividing the incoming bandwidth according to management, owners, and crew, then onto guests, principal guests, and owners on/off board status. This will allow different speeds to be allocated according to time of the day. And, depending on if the guests are on board or not, budgets can be cut off-season and during yard periods to minimise costs.

3. Good quality / Sounding audio on board

Although this may be a passion of Veritais, collectively there’s nothing better than a great-sounding audio system (which doesn’t necessarily mean loud). But to be able to have super-quality background music one minute, and then have the ability at the touch of a button, or swipe of a key to be able to seriously up the level of sound without losing quality, is amazing. However, this costs money and takes planning. But as a result, owners and guests will subconsciously benefit and ultimately deliver relaxation enjoyment.

4. A reliable system with offshore technical support

Systems need to be stable and reliable; crew and engineers do have time to keep fixing or ‘firefighting;’ the AV/ IT systems. The systems that crew mostly have problems with is where the management has usually cut back on budget. By doing this something has to give, whether that be in product quality (knock of effect is then reliability), or for example, things like costly UPS’s (uninterrupted power supply) are removed from the quote to keep budgets down. Doing this will have a knock-on effect on reliability and consequently. User experience will be disappointing, engineers and crew will become frustrated, and complaints will be made all around.

An example:

David Milner: We had an owner last season who decided to save around €25k on the system, and not to renew the 10-year-old main AV hardware. Instead, to put new speakers onboard, new lights, and new second/ third tender. As a result, this season he’s spent about €40k+ on firefighting, and buying second-hand parts. They’ve had days & weeks of disappointment with no sound in certain areas still. This has result in it ‘ruining’ the guest’s time on board. Management isn’t happy, crew and guests aren’t happy, all for trying to save a few pounds short term , which ultimately cost the yacht more, and they still have an old system in place that need updating.

5. Invest in the latest tech

Get something other boats don’t have! Exceptionally large, outdoor foldaway TV screens and quality speaker systems! Clever software to automate the yacht will help deliver the ‘wow factor.’

Veritais -Superyacht Upper Deck Spa Pool
Image by Veritais
Guests coming onboard want all the facilities they have at home. So, this primarily is streaming of music and/or movies. Which, has changed what equipment we specify, quote and deliver onboard now. And consequently, costs of the Internet Bandwidth (Download) to stream these systems has increased. Guests are wanting party mode a lot more now, which has always been ‘a thing’ but now they want party with the same music/same track playing throughout decks and areas as ‘one party zone’. As well as this, guests are now actively encouraged to log into their own Netflix, amazon movie account (this also lowers costs of the onboard accounts), where they can continue watching episodes of dramas/series they’ve been watching at home before arriving onboard. This however ,all requires high bandwidth of Internet download speeds, all of which is doable with the correct & latest equipment, but also good internet packages in place. – David Milner, Founder of Veritas

Installing AV/IT system on yachts

About Veritais Audio specialists & visuals experts:

Whether you need to boost your access to online engagement, enhance your yacht’s lighting so that you can create different moods for different occasions, or develop your crews knowledge of the systems on board, Veritais are pioneers in the Superyacht AV/IT sectors. Their AV engineers have been working in the yachting industry for over 20 years – Designing, installing, and commissioning on Superyachts from 35m up to 95m+. During this time, they have completed over 25 yacht refits. All carried out in various international locations from France, Spain, Italy, UK to Antiqua and Florida.

Services include:

  • Audio specialists & visuals expertise
  • Blinds, Cabin & AC Control
  • Superyacht indoor and outdoor cinemas
  • Integration and control with such systems as Crestron, Control4, Lutron, and RTI
  • Yacht lighting, including Led Lights (Only control of but NOT supply)
  • Yacht networking
  • Outdoor entertainment systems including DJ Booths, Nightclub/ reference level sound & lighting systems, and outdoor TVs
  • CCTV (do NOT provide cyber security services)

How do Veritais audio specialists & visuals experts support Captains and crew when looking to upgrade their yachts AV/IT systems?

With the latest Superyacht AV/IT systems it’s critical that crew know how to maintain them. But also, how how to solve any technical issues. However, AV training isn’t always available for crew, and, where it is it can be time-consuming and expensive. Engineers should typically have experience with each system component on their yacht. In order to maintain the systems, certain skills are required of the crew based on the latest technology.

Veriatis takes pride in their ability to train the yacht’s AV/IT engineers on how to use their systems. The company will put together a detailed handbook for all their Refit and new system installs. This includes project schematic drawings, IP Address configurations, product location drawings and source code. Everything an ETO / Engineer will need to know to service and diagnose the system onboard. The AV/IT specialists will also deliver full ‘Operator / User Training’. This will be for all internal Crew & Management to ensure crew members can easily explain, demonstrate and assist the guests in how to operate the system, play their own music (most common request now), how to stream movies to Screens & TV’s, close blinds, set cabin temperature and if required how to operate the crew call facility.
Although, this slightly veers against the companies philosophy of how Veritais’s systems are put together and programmed. David and the team can ensure that their operating systems and GUI (Graphic User Interface / what the guest use), is extremely simple and easy to operate. Therefore, it’s often that very little if any training is required for the guests other than showing them where the iPad /tablet is in each area onboard.

If you want to get in touch with Veritais for further information on the Superyacht AV/IT systems you can contact them via:

  • Email:
  • Team No: +44 018276488
  • Personal No: +44 7974564959

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