How does the West Nautical Fuel Calculator help Superyacht owners and charter clients budget for their holidays?

The West Nautical Fuel Calculator allows charter guests and yacht owners to calculate the fuel consumption and cost, based on their itinerary. Making it the easiest way to map your dream itinerary, while being able to calculate the yacht fuel costs.

So how does it work?

The fuel calculator has an interactive map. You can input the starting point as well as a destination onto the map. This will automatically populate the distance table. The next step is to enter the speed and fuel consumption of the yacht. Most yacht brochures will have information about the maximum and cruising speed as well as the fuel consumption. Which, is calculated at a number of litres per hour. The last step is to input the cost of fuel per litre. This is information that all captains and chief Engineers will have as they regularly bunker in similar locations. This will then calculate the total fuel cost of the trip and when each passage is calculated, will calculate the fuel cost for the charter. Each yacht will consume fuel differently for a number of reasons, the main reason being the size and make of the engines as well as the speed at which the yacht is able to cruise.

Click on the link to give it a go and try out some examples:

West Nautical Fuel Calculator - How does it work?

To plot points on the map, click with your mouse – this will automatically update the distance table. Then enter the speed, fuel consumption, and fuel cost to determine the total cost of the trip.

Here are some examples of fuel consumption:

1: A fast 30m yacht cruising at 20 knots (Lady Amanda) will consume roughly 400-500 l/hour.

M/Y Lady Amanda

2: A typical displacement yacht may cruise at 12 knots and consume 300 l/hour.

3: Some yachts can cruise at 10 knots (Firefly) and consume 100 l/hour.

Fuel prices can fluctuate, but typically fuel when cruising in the Mediterranean is between €0.80 – €1.20 per litre.

Have a go at using the West Nautical Fuel Calculator and let us know how it goes!

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