Living on the high seas in the midst of a billionaire’s hangout can give you the most distinctive of personality traits. Who can relate to any (if not all) of these?

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1. You have some form of OCD

Living in this luxury, well-maintained bubble has turned you obsessive. You see fingerprints everywhere you turn, watermarks disturb you, everything around you is labelled (even the label maker) and you judge service way more than anyone else.

2. Your concept of personal space has been re-defined

Living in crew quarters can be challenging in more ways than one. Get to leave your work colleagues behind at 5pm? Think again, not only are you used to living in a small space, you share it with others and can’t remember the last time you were alone. With limited space, your life fits neatly into one sturdy rucksack, and belongings are usually scattered around your home countries.

3. Tetris is now child’s play

Need to store 56 bottles of San Pellegrino in one locker that only fits 20 bottles? Easy. Because you work on a superyacht, storage mechanisms have become part of your life skills; fitting things into certain restrictive places have become your forte.

4. Living backwards seasons is normal

You live winter in the Caribbean when winter back home means snow. Christmas no longer means log fires and mulled wine; it’s pina coladas and beach BBQs. Once you step on a superyacht apart from break time, lunch time, off time and charter time, the concept of general time will fly out of the porthole. Asides from knowing the season, you just about remember what year you are in.

5. You don’t play well with shoes

The bare foot rule has become life; your feet are now unsure what to do with shoes. Your feet are free, they dislike being cooped up inside material of any form and shoes upset them. It doesn’t just stop with outside the boat; you now struggle to go places without wanting to remove your shoes.

6. Gourmet only please

(If you’re the chef, move to point 7)

You are used to eating chef prepared meals catered to billionaire taste buds. You just about know how to make your own breakfast. When it comes to snacking, you expect a fully stocked fridge without stepping foot in a supermarket.

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7. You are multi-lingual

Your crew home countries range from the northern to the southern hemisphere. With an international crew you find yourself with a selection of a few words for one object. Thongs or flip-flops, glad wrap or cling film – everyone’s right.

8. Ridiculous tan lines are in

If you work on a superyacht with an itinerary that chases the sun, then you will be able to identify your tan with the shape of your uniform; sadly this can never quite be re-balanced within your weekend tanning time.

9. You are a boat terminology fiend

Everything in your world has a name and this can (annoyingly for outsiders) extend into when you’re off the yacht. When you go home the kitchen is the ‘galley’, you find yourself saying you’re going to the ‘head’ and the weather is no longer just ‘windy.’

10. Nothing surprises you: you work on a Superyacht!

When it comes to working for the uber rich, both extravagant gestures and eccentric behaviour will no longer surprise you. Superyacht reality merges and has become your norm.

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