The Superyacht industry is famously a social one, where networking and connections are of the utmost importance. Understanding this, Gracija Matijević set up Crew Pages, a space to connect crew, help them to find work and expand their networks. In an industry that is so unique, and perhaps at times unfathomable to the outside world, creating a space where crew can get together to share their experiences would no doubt be a success.

In this article, Matijević explains the inspiration behind building the platform, the unique attributes of Crew Pages and what positive changes he hopes that it will incite in the industry as well as sharing some testimonials from Crew.

Firstly, can you explain the concept of Crew Pages in your own words?

Crew Pages is a website bringing together all crew and recruiters from the maritime industry to help them connect, find jobs, learn something new, and expand their networks.

What inspired you to set up a platform such as Crew Pages? Where did you see a gap in the market?

For years, my wife Ajka, founder of A+ Yachting, and I helped our friends and clients from the industry switch jobs, find new opportunities and simply level up. When we faced difficulties with two of our friends looking for work for more than a year, we realised how closed our industry can be, and how it may be difficult for crew to find options. And my idea was to try and do something about it. 

“The idea is to make the industry more accessible to new talents”

How does Crew Pages fill that particular gap?

The idea is to make the industry more accessible to new talents, and we do that by offering our services free of charge. Then, by completing their profile, they automatically receive a well-designed and representable CV. Also, our search engine is built in a way not to give preferences to any particular groups, but rather to focus on the best-matching skill set to what the recruiters are looking for. 

Who does the platform cater to? 

We focus on all crew members across the maritime industry, recruiters and recruiting companies. We would love to see the entire maritime industry together and are open for other professionals and companies to join and promote their businesses.

What is different about Crew Pages compared to other platforms in the industry? 

There are many job searching platforms indeed. We have available opportunities for all industries in the maritime sector with the addition of land-based jobs too, for crew members that are looking to switch up their onboard life. We are not just a job advertisement board, we also have a social network, maritime only. This helps crew strengthen their connections, share experiences, and showcase skills. 

What positive changes would you like to see in the industry via Crew Pages?

We want to see more open and easier communication between job seekers and hiring teams. We hope to ease the workload for the recruiting companies, making their work more streamlined. On the crew end, we would love to see more great talent getting good opportunities, ensure people are not signing up with sketchy or non-regulated companies, and see more healthy working environments. 

How do you see the company progressing within the next 5 years?

All crew under one roof!  This is such a massive and inspiring industry with so much potential for growth and improvement, and the only way we can achieve this is if we work on it together. I hope Crew Pages will be the place where we start doing the work.

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Crew Pages Testimonials

“I love the idea of all maritime parties in one place. It’s good to stay connected with Crew Pages.” Ozan Degirmenci, Turkey, Deckhand.

“The best thing to hold on to in life is each other. Board together, with Crew Pages.” – Ernesto Hernandez, Mexico Shore Excursions Manager.

“I truly believe this is what the maritime industry needed” – George Katsaros, Greece, Captain.

“Everything is better when together. Crew Pages, you rock!” – Jonathan Jackson, United States, Front Desk Manager.

“Equal opportunities are all that I was hoping for, and Crew Pages is a place where everyone has an equal chance to succeed” – Sanjana Muddappa, India, Assistant Shore Excursions Manager.

“It is great to be seen. Crew Pages gives me great exposure in the world of maritime” – Salem Hadzic, Bosnia, Shore Excursions Manager.

“I am boarding on Celebrity Silhouette today and I want to thank Crew Pages for giving me the opportunity to work with one of the best companies in the cruise industry. I am forever grateful” – Charles Joseph Barredo, Casino Attendant.

“This makes my job search process so much easier” – Francisco Marquez, Spain, Senior Destination Manager.

To discover more about Crew Pages and to become a member, visit their website.

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