A career in Yachting may seem like a frolicsome pursuit to the uninitiated, but for those that dedicate their lives to the industry, it is unquestionable that consistent hard work is the only way to truly succeed. ACREW has been recognising the hard work and accomplishments of yacht crew for over 15 years, as well as hosting exciting crew networking events year on year.

Acknowledging the individuals who form the backbone of the yachting industry may seem obvious to some, but ACREW was the first to create awards that recognise exceptional accomplishments in the industry. From their ‘Green Crew’ events to the The Crew Awards, held this year in Porto Montenegro, ACREW celebrates our dynamic and unique industry across the board. Now, they have announced an exciting partnership that is set to transform the way that the industry approaches recruitment.

Read on to discover some exciting benefits for ACREW members and learn about the transformative ACREW x Meridian partnership…

A Network Of Over 15,000 Crew Members

Prior to entering Yachting, aspiring crew are encouraged to become a member of organisations that may help to excel their professional career, as well as improving their overall experience within the industry. Some of these organisations include Nautilus International and the PYA for example.

For ambitious yacht crew that are not only wanting to excel professionally, but also to become a part of a wider community of like-minded yachties, joining ACREW’s network of over 15,000 crew members should also be considered as a ‘must-do’ for several reasons;

“Membership with ACREW offers access to a dynamic community of industry professionals, enabling valuable connections, peer-to-peer learning, and career growth. With ACREW, Yacht Crew members gain exclusive access to premium networking events, job opportunities, and industry insights that can significantly enhance their professional journey. Additionally, members will be introduced to the prestigious Crew Awards, a globally recognised event organised to honour and celebrate the accomplishments of Yacht Crew worldwide”

– Sydney Bull, Marketing Manager, ACREW

ACREW’s popular yacht crew networking events are held throughout the year

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A New Approach To Recruitment

“We aim to revolutionise the recruitment landscape, offering both employers and job seekers an efficient and tailored approach to finding the perfect match”

This year, ACREW have expanded their services to the industry even further by partnering with the digital platform Meridian, a software that simplifies the recruitment process for all involved. We spoke with ACREW’s Sydney Bull who explained the motivation behind this new partnership…

SYC: Over the years, there have been many opportunities for ACREW to step into the recruitment space, why now?

Sydney Bull: ACREW’s decision to enter the recruitment space aligns with our dedication to nurturing the professional growth and development of superyacht Captains and Crew. Recognising the persistent challenge of talent recruitment in the industry, we have strategically partnered with Meridian—a pioneering digital platform that streamlines and accelerates the recruitment process. By combining ACREW’s extensive industry networking and market intelligence with Meridian’s innovative software, we aim to revolutionise the recruitment landscape, offering both employers and job seekers an efficient and tailored approach to finding the perfect match.

SYC: How does Meridian make it possible for ACREW to work with all aspects of the recruitment space within the industry?

SB: Meridian is an innovative software as a service (SaaS) platform, with Meridian’s technology-driven approach that facilitates quick and effortless job applications through various channels, including email, WhatsApp, and text messaging. Furthermore, Meridian introduces two innovative platforms—DirectHire and RecruiterCloud—to empower employers in their recruitment endeavours. 

SYC: What is unique about Meridian as a platform, how is the software different from other recruitment platforms or job boards?

SB: Meridian stands out in yacht crew recruitment due to its innovative and user-centric approach. Unlike conventional job boards, Meridian’s software is purpose-built to address the specific needs of the superyacht industry. 

Additionally, Meridian’s ‘DirectHire’ and ‘RecruiterCloud’ platforms offer tailored solutions for employers, allowing them to source talent directly or collaborate with renowned recruitment agencies. The combination of ACREW’s industry leadership and Meridian’s technological expertise results in a game-changing platform that sets new standards in the world of yacht crew recruitment.

SYC: What are the main benefits for crew to sign up for the Meridian platform?

SB: Crew will gain access to a centralised hub that streamlines the job-seeking process, ensuring they are matched with opportunities that align with their skills and aspirations. Meridian’s verification system fosters a sense of trust and credibility, adding value to every crew member. Additionally, its user-friendly interface allows easy communication with potential employers, ultimately empowering crew members to navigate their career paths quickly.

SYC: What are ACREW and Meridian’s hopes for the future in terms of their partnership and what it achieves?

SB: The partnership between ACREW and Meridian represents a strategic alignment to revolutionise yacht crew recruitment. Together, our vision is to establish an industry-leading ecosystem that optimises the process for both crew members and employers. We aim to elevate the recruitment experience by setting new standards of transparency, efficiency, and professionalism. 

Unmissable ACREW Events

Each year, ACREW host a number of exciting events for yacht crew. The aim is to encourage members to mingle, make connections and enjoy some downtime in-between busy and intense seasons onboard. Some notable upcoming events in 2023 include:

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