FATHOM: Vessel Familiarisation System For App Generation

Following on from unveiling their bespoke technical documentation for yachts, marine engineering specialists, Sentini Marine, announce the launch of their yacht familiarisation system: FATHOM. The team recognised that ‘the app generation’ are in a unique position to interact with vessel-specific information concerning familiarisation and safety and wants to maximise those potentials. They have created an app-based familiarisation and testing system, using the vessel’s safety information, to enhance crew knowledge of the vessel and its emergency systems and equipment.

Fathom: Vessel Familiarisation system for App generation

Whilst most apps that test crew use generic questions, Sentini Marine crafts each multiple-choice question around the individual vessel. Also, they use NFC tags to aid familiarisation and build confidence.

What is the concept behind ‘FATHOM’ for Yacht crew?

Crew are required to learn all safety-critical aspects contained within their vessel’s manuals. This is not only for the safety of themselves and crew but also to satisfy Flag State requirements. Yet quite often, this laborious task is neglected. The gaps in safety knowledge go unnoticed and last-minute revision is done before a Flag State surveyor visit. After focussing on this issue and looking into how it can be resolved, Sentini Marine launched FATHOM.

FATHOM is a system designed to familiarise crew members with safety-critical aspects, operations of the vessel’s systems,  equipment, and assist with the physical familiarisation of the vessel. Through a series of multiple-choice, vessel-specific questions (which link into key sections of the vessel’s ISM, SOLAS, or technical manuals), the crews’ knowledge is tested. Then using NFC tags, the crew are scrutinised on their knowledge of the physical placement of safety equipment within the vessel.

Sentini Marine Fathom - Familiarisation system - NFC tags

These challenges force the crew to consult the vessel manuals to find answers they are unsure of. In doing this, knowledge is increased, and gaps are highlighted to the senior crew, informing what individual or crew-wide training is needed.

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How will crew be digitally tested?

Each crew member will have an individual log-in and profile on the FATHOM app. They will be set regular tests to complete by the senior crew on modules such as their vessel’s ISM and SOLAS, General ship’s systems, and Physical familiarisation.

Furthermore, test results are displayed immediately so the crew member can see their correct and incorrect answers (with the correct answer given), and can learn from them. The better performing crew are rewarded by being tested less.

Once the test is complete, the results are sent to the Senior Crew Dashboard. This displays individual test results and whether they were completed in the given timeframe, any low-performing questions, and how each department performed.

A revision section gives crew the option to practice tests where the results are undisclosed to the senior crew. It will have links to the sections of manuals that the questions relate to. Also, it allows crew to go over the questions they previously answered incorrectly, filling gaps in knowledge.

Through this process of highlighting gaps in knowledge and informing training needs, confidence increases, and the senior crew feel reassured about crew competency in emergencies.

FATHOM familiarisation app for yacht crew

Who is responsible for interlinking the data from the manuals to the

Sentini Marine would take care of all aspects of setting up the app for the vessel, but the vessel does have a small part to play. The step-by-step process:

  1. The vessel provides Sentini Marine with its ISM and SOLAS manuals, GAs, and Fire and Safety Plan.
  2. Sentini would then generate the question bank from this information and make suggestions for the tag locations.
  3. The vessel verifies the questions and answers.
  4.  Sentini would then deploy the questions via FATHOM.
  5. Lastly, they would pay a visit to the vessel to help set up the Senior Crew Dashboard and tags, and ensure the smooth running of the app.

Additional FAQs:

How does this app differ from other question maritime apps available?

Fathom is unique because it isn’t just an app, it is a familiarisation system.  It combines the use of the vessel’s bespoke manuals, the cleverly crafted questions, and the tags that are physically placed around the vessel, to raise the safety level onboard. All other question-based maritime apps on the market are based on generic information, and simply don’t compare.

Can questions be updated, added, or removed?

Yes! Questions will be updated if a piece of equipment is replaced. After an incident on board, additional questions can be introduced to help prevent the scenario from repeating. If the questions are not relevant they will be removed.

Where is the app available and how much is it?

The familiarisation app, FATHOM will be available on the App Store and Google Play. There is an initial setup cost which varies depending on which modules are wanted, then a monthly subscription fee depending on the number of crew onboard.

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Sentini Marine Fathom - Monitor crew knowledge of vessel safety systems and equipment


After reviewing the ins and outs of the latest app for yacht crew, we have put together a list of the top 7 ways in which the app will benefit Captains, crew, and vessels:

  • An increase in crew competence and confidence.
  •  Everyone on the vessel can feel safer and have trust in each other, creating a positive working culture.
  • From the dashboard, the senior crew can see who is participating and who is scoring low marks, highlighting crew performance.
  • Additional training requirements can be pinpointed.
  • Adding a digitised, measurable system for familiarisation takes the pressure off senior crew.
  • Reduces the risk of injury and damage to equipment which will help protect the owner’s assets.
  • A decrease in breakdowns due to human error, keeping the vessel on schedule.

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