We are all familiar with the standard roles onboard a Superyacht; Captain, Chief Stewardess, Engineer, Deckhand… But what about the other team members that may often be in the background who keep things afloat behind the scenes? One such integral role is the Superyacht ETO, a key player when it comes to ensuring the world’s greatest Superyachts operate efficiently.

From ensuring the Captain’s computer is working properly to fixing the mood lights on the sundeck, the Superyacht ETO has a broad role. Let’s explore what an ETO actually does onboard…

What’s a Superyacht ETO, Anyway?

ETO stands for Electrical Technical Officer – a fancy title for someone who’s basically the tech wizard onboard. Sometimes referred to as an AV/IT Officer, they’re the ones behind the scenes, making sure all the tech and gadgets work efficiently.

Usually ETOs are employed on larger yachts where the engineering team consists of 3 or more people, and will work closely with the Chief Engineer. From the Wi-Fi that keeps crew and guests connected to the lighting that sets the mood, the ETO is the go-to person for all things tech.


Electronics, computers, audio/visual and communication equipment are maintained daily by the ETO. Larger Superyachts are likely to have a number of these systems, including radio, radar, telephones, satellite communication, internet and navigation systems, computers, television and DVD systems, Hifi, and sound systems, as well as electronic management systems.

However, the role of an ETO is not just about fixing electrical issues – they handle a range of tasks. One moment, they might be sorting out the ship’s communication systems, and the next, they’re making sure the entertainment systems are primed and ready for sports night or a party on the Sundeck.

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What Kind Of Professional Experience Must An ETO Have?

It is common that an ETO has experience as an Engineer on a Superyacht and have specialised in electronic systems and generally speaking ETOs have electrician experience.

An ETO might have shoreside experience as a computer technician, radio/radar specialist, or marine electrician. It will almost certainly be expected that an ETO will have some experience working with similar systems to those onboard.

Besides this prior experience, a keen interest in tech would be beneficial, some crew members may start out on deck and gradually work towards ETO after displaying an interest in the onboard systems.

What Certificates Are Required?

Besides holding the MCA STCW Basic Safety certification, ETOs and electricians may also have qualifications in electrics or electronics. Depending on the yacht, the MCA STCW Engineering certification may also be required.

Unlike in the Merchant Navy where there is an official maritime certificate of competency as ETO, recognised by the International Maritime Organisation, there is no such certification for non-commercial boats.

What Does A Superyacht ETO Earn?

Depending on the size of the yacht, an ETO might earn anything between £4500 – £7000 per month. Rotational ETO positions are also becoming more common, as is typical on larger yachts also.

When considering what kind of role you want to get onboard a Superyacht, it’s important to think about the skills you already have – and how they might be applicable onboard. Some crew start out on Deck or in the Interior and end up transitioning into something different entirely.

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